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Xeloda (Capecitabine) Canada

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What is Xeloda

Xeloda, also known as Capecitabine, is classified as a cancer medication that influences the development of cancer cells, decreasing and eliminating them. The treatment course is prescribed to patients suffering from breast, colon and colorectal cancers that rapidly spread to other parts of the organism. The medication is frequently combined with radiation treatments and other cancer remedies. Additionally Xeloda can be prescribed for other conditions not mentioned in the information leaflet.


It is essential to see a doctor before the beginning of Capecitabine treatment course. Follow the doctor’s directions to make the drug intake safe and effective. As a rule, the pharmaceutical is administered twice a day, approximately at the same time. Never take the medicine in smaller or larger doses, just follow the prescription for the best results. The traditional Xeloda cycle lasts for three weeks, but the duration of the course usually depends on the severity of your disease and general health condition. Keep in mind that Capecitabine serves only as a part of the full treatment program that also presupposes other cancer drugs. Take one pill of Xeloda with a full glass of water at least 30 minutes after a meal.

Frequent medical tests are required for those who use the medication in order to track the success and prevent possible harmful effects of the medication. Let your doctor supervise the whole process of Xeloda intake to avoid possible complications. Once you have missed a dose, skip it if the following scheduled one should be administered soon. Never increase or double the usual dose, recommended by the doctor.

Precautions and Contraindications

Xeloda is known and appreciated for its drastic effect on the organism, that is definitely an advantage. However, this factor can also serve a disadvantage in case you misuse or overuse the drug. To make sure the treatment course is safe and effective for your condition, consult a healthcare specialist before its beginning. Provide him/her with indispensable information concerning other issues you have and disorders you suffer from. It will help him/her to adjust proper Capecitabine dose, duration of action and intake periodicity.

You should avoid the medicine intake if you are allergic to the active ingredients of Xeloda or similar drugs. Additionally, the medicine should not be used by patients with serious kidney diseases and metabolic disorders. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not advised to take Capecitabine due to the possible harmful impact of the preparation on the unborn or nursing child. Besides, inform the doctor about the following health problems, if any:

• liver or kidney diseases;

• hemophilia or other blood clotting disorders;

• coronary artery problem, etc.


While at the doctor's, mention other treatments you are taking, including herbal supplements, prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals and even vitamins to eliminate the risk of negative interactions that may occur. In case you use any blood thinner, such as Coumadin, Warfarin or Jantoven, you will need to pass INR tests more frequently. Your doctor will present you a full list of medicines Xeloda interacts with.

Side Effects

Call your doctor immediately if you have noticed any new symptoms or condition aggravation. Seek emergency medical help in case of medication overdose. Capecitabine side effects include allergic reactions, fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, tenderness, pain, swelling, severe kidney and liver problems, heart issues and others.


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