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Trimohills is an Ayurvedic herbal complex for weight loss. The preparation contributes to the gradual but steady weight loss, improves carbohydrate metabolism, helps to eliminate excess fluid and mucus from the body, as well as makes a solid contribution in the removal of Ama (toxins).

Trimohills is completely safe for all the age groups; it has a strong cleansing and detoxifying effect on the Vata, especially in the states of Sama and the penetration of Vata in the lymph and blood. Also, it cleans deep-seated tissue and increases Ojas (vital energy).

Trimohills action

Mentioned below are the typical prescription cases:

• Trimohills demonstrates decent efficiency in various skin diseases; it eliminates stagnation in the blood circulation and prevents tissue necrosis.

• Trimohills is a far-famed natural antiseptic and antibiotic, accelerating the healing of deep tissues.

• Trimohills is a good help after surgery on bones and joints; combined with a strict diet and the use of other drugs Trimohills can be included in the treatment of some types of cancer in the early stages.

• Trimohills as one of the integrated tools, used for the treatment of drug addiction, due to its magnificent cleaning effect.

• Trimohills is a guggul-based drug primarily used to fight obesity. It is composed of Triphala (three fruits), Trikatu (powder taken in equal proportions of parts of ground ginger, black pepper and pippali) and Guggul – gum, very similar to myrrh, which has been successfully used in India for the treatment of diseases such as hepatitis and myocardial necrosis (it also helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood).

In Ayurveda, in most cases obesity is associated with an imbalance or excess of Kapha dosha. Accordingly, the elements of earth and water dominate in the body and, as a consequence, the body weight increases. People with a predominant kapha constitution need to monitor the balance carefully, as they are by nature prone to accumulation of excess weight, and body fluids, unlike the people of other constitutions, who can press for weight loss relatively easily.

The presence of Ama in the body indicated by the following symptoms: poor digestion, bad breath in the morning, coating on the tongue, bad taste in the mouth, loss of vigor after waking up, cloudy, dark urine, aching joints, loss of appetite, and constipation. If you decide to cope with obesity issues consciously and without any harm to health, take advantage of Trmohills course.

The organ, which collects excessive mucus is the stomach, that's why overeating and consuming junk food poses threat. First, it accumulates in the stomach, and in the future it is distributed throughout the body. Therefore, the correct way to lose weight is to help the stomach to get rid of excess mucus, and Trimohills is the right assistance to arm yourself with.

Trimohills administration

The medication is prescribed at a dosage of 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening, before eating, drinking with plenty of warm water with two spoons of honey mixed in it. During the reception, the course is recommended to reduce the consumption of fat, heavy, oily, cold, salty and acidic foods, as well as red meat.

Trimohills precautions

Having a natural composition, the medication boasts minimal and non-significant side effects; however, in case of individual intolerability to components treatment cessation is required.