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Styplon is an all-natural medication that helps stop hemorrhaging which allows patients to have a smoother recovery. The active ingredients of the treatment work improving the ability of the blood to coagulate. Additionally, Styplon possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Such a complex approach makes the medication powerful against such conditions, as epistaxis, hematuria, bleeding gums, hemoptysis, abnormal uterine bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids and others.


Talk to your doctor about Styplon course before its beginning. Since the medication is innovative and has not been completely investigated, following the manufacturer’s directions and safety instructions is inevitable. Striving to benefit from its results and prevent possible complications, provide your healthcare specialist with a complete list of health disorders you have and other impairments that disturb you. Additionally, certain medications may also change Styplon action and lead to undesirable effects.

Styplon dose should be adjusted individually, based on numerous facts and peculiarities. Nevertheless, an average Styplon dose ranges from 2 to 3 tablets 3 times a day. The treatment course may last from 2 to 4 days till the moment your bleeding is over. The dose can be changed due to the body response. Take Styplon with or without food, approximately at the same time each day. Once you have missed a dose, administer it the first possible moment. Though, skip the dose in case the following one should be used soon. Never take more than one dose at a time, since Styplon overuse may trigger dangerous side effects.


Styplon is a revolutionary herbal treatment that copes with several serious health problems. Even though the treatment is approved to be safe, it can cause definite abnormalities. Consult your physician primarily to the medication course to make sure the drug is not contraindicated in your case and will not affect any organs and functions. Following the safety rules is halfway to a successful treatment course with Styplon. Avoid the drug intake in case you are allergic to its components or at least one of the ingredients. Additionally, tell your doctor about other health impairments and diseases you experience. Pay exceptional attention to conditions, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. The active ingredients of Styplon may influence an unborn and nursing child causing serious health problems. Being allergic to pharmaceuticals, foods and other products you should avoid Styplon use.

Drug Interactions

Even though the drug is all-natural, it can trigger certain risks if misused. Striving to prevent possible complications and negative consequences of Styplon interactions one should provide a healthcare specialist with a complete list of prescription and generic medications, pharmaceutical supplements, vitamins and other herbal products you use. It will help prevent undesirable combinations and adjust the proper dose that will not harm important body organs and functions.

Side Effects

Being an effective and potent anti-inflammatory treatment, Styplon is generally safe. Nevertheless, a few cases of serious side effects have been reported so far. The medication misuse and overuse can trigger undesirable reactions, as well as dangerous consequences. Besides, the drug interaction with other pharmaceuticals and medical conditions can stimulate the occurrence of serious abnormalities and unexpected health changes. That is why, it is inevitable to follow the safety recommendations to prevent possible complications.

However, once you have noticed any abnormal reactions of the organism after Styplon intake, you should immediately call your doctor. Seek emergency medical assistance in case allergic reactions started bothering you after the drug intake.