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Nitrofurantoin belongs to a group of powerful antibiotics that fight diverse bacteria in the organism. This treatment is prescribed mainly for urinary tract problems, though it can also be used for other conditions that are not mentioned in the safety guide. Despite the positive effect the drug produces on the body, it is not advised for patients with urination difficulties, kidney diseases, liver problems, jaundice and similar complications caused by Nitrofurantoin.


Nitrofurantoin is a time-tested medication that produces a desirable effect without any side effects. However, to achieve this perfect result one should consult a healthcare specialist and follow all the recommendations and instructions. Never administer the treatment in larger or smaller doses, and don't prolong the treatment course. Nitrofurantoin should be taken with food. Using oral suspension, a patient may mix it with water, fruit juice or milk for it to be easier to swallow. Keep in mind that the symptoms of the urinary tract infection may disappear after the first few medication intakes, but it does not mean you should stop the treatment course. Continue Nitrofurantoin use for the full length of time prescribed by doctors. In this way you will eliminate the risk of further infections and inability of the organism to resist it. Mind that durable Nitrofurantoin intake may lead to the necessity of frequent medical tests and other checks.

Once you have missed one Nitrofurantoin dose, skip it in case the next one should be taken in a short while. You may take it the moment you remember about it, though if it is not close to the following scheduled intake. Never double the dose, or increase it since it can cause overdose with the corresponding consequences.


Nothing can guarantee safe Nitrofurantoin administration, except of thorough following the doctor’s recommendations. Consult a medical professional before the beginning of urinary tract infection treatment. Do not use the drug if you:

• Are allergic to any of its components;

• Suffer from severe kidney or liver disorders;

• Experience problematic urination;

• Have a history of jaundice caused by the medication;

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In all the other instances, you need to ask your doctor for a proper dose and intake frequency and wait for the desirable improvements. Tell your doctor about other health complications you have, especially diabetes, anemia, kidney or liver diseases, vitamin B deficiency, debilitating illness and others. Nitrofurantoin cannot be taken by anyone who is less than 1 month old.

Drug Interactions

Provide the doctor with a complete list of other prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking to warm possible drug interactions and related side effects. Ask your physician about hormonal birth control pills replacement, since the drug may decrease their effectiveness.

Side Effects

Call your doctor in case such common downsides as dizziness, headache, diarrhea, vaginal discharge and others do not disappear. Seek medical help if you have noticed the signs of more complicated issues, including allergic reactions, chest pain, wheezing, cough, fever, fatigue, sudden weight loss, lupus-like syndrome, tingling and numbness, liver disorders, breathing complications and other symptoms.