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Colon Clean Supreme is a natural product to clean the body and reduce the excessive weight. It contains only natural ingredients, and therefore it does not cause the side effects, does not change the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and does not affect the functions of the central nervous system.

Its pharmacological action is based on the cleansing of the body from the harmful toxins. It is known that the intestine is cleaned only by 70% in the healthy people without excessive weight, and 30% are only accumulated filling the body with toxins. In case of the obesity a percent of the toxins may gain 50%. A full intestine leads not only to the increase of the body weight but also causes a lot of different skin diseases and diseases of the internals.

Due to Colon Clean Supreme it is possible to reduce the amount of the toxins in the body. The mechanism of the action consists in the activity of the natural vegetable components which cause the improvement of the metabolism penetrating into the blood and also they help to clean the intestine.

This product is useful for those who suffer from frequent abdominal distension, constipations, dysfunction of the digestive system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Cleaning the body this product reduces the weight and causes the acceleration of the metabolism causing the reduction of the fatty tissue.


Colon Clean Supreme is released in the capsules for the oral use. The cleansing course should last not more than 5 days. After having therapy it is necessary to make a break and repeat the treatment again.

Usually, 4 capsules a day are taken with plenty of water. The more water patient will take, the more effective the removal of the toxins will be. In the process of the usage of the capsules the patients are recommended to follow the low-calorie diet without consumption of fats.

The number of the 5-day courses depends on the purpose of the patient and its clinical image. Usually, 2-3 courses of therapy are enough to clean the body and reduce the weight by several pounds.


Colon Clean Supreme does not almost have contraindications and is totally safe for the health condition. It is not recommended for the use only during allergy to any plant included in the capsules.

If the patient has ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, it is necessary to consult a physician before the beginning of the treatment. Perhaps, you may require the individual recommendations for the use or reduction of the daily dose.