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What is Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is an innovative medication, which works decreasing estrogen action. The female hormone stimulates breast cancer growth. Consequently, the medication is widely used to eliminate symptoms of breast cancer in women and men. Additionally, it works lowering the risk of breast cancer development, especially in women with risk factors. Tamoxifen can also be taken in other instances, not listed in the safety guide. Discuss off-label Tamoxifen use with your healthcare specialist.


You need to consult your doctor before the beginning of the treatment course if you want to promote a safe and effective therapy. The drug should be administered in the exact dose and for the exact term, determined by the doctor. Provide your medical specialist with a full list of disorders and health complications you have, as it is important for proper dose adjustment. Tamoxifen can be used with or without food. Take blood tests regularly during the therapy in order to make sure it is beneficial and does not cause unwanted effects. Tamoxifen dose will vary greatly, depending on the health state of a patient, medications he/she is currently using and a range of other disorders. Nevertheless, the average dose, necessary for a positive effect is 20-40mg a day. To experience maximal results, a patient should take the drug on a daily basis. Skipping doses can decrease the necessary impact on the health condition and trigger certain side effects.

Precautions and Contraindications

Do not start Tamoxifen intake if you are sensitive to its ingredients or meet other restrictions for its use. The medication should not be taken by people, who use blood thinners, striving to decrease the potential risk of breast cancer occurrence. The drug is not approved for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as the components of the drug can promote harmful impacts on the health, development and growth of an unborn and nursing child. Mind that Tamoxifen can decrease the effectiveness of your hormonal contraceptives. Replace your current birth control drugs with non-hormonal variants to avoid getting pregnant during the treatment course.

Using Tamoxifen for reduction of breast cancer risk, a patient should start the intake during the menstrual period. Discuss the treatment course with your doctor, as the medication can advance the risk of stroke, uterine cancer, blood clots and other life-threatening conditions. Warn your physician about all the other health complications and diseases you have, paying exclusive attention to liver disorders, cataract, abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels, recent history of radiation or chemotherapy, etc.


Similar to other powerful medications, Tamoxifen can interact with numerous prescription and non-prescription remedies, herbals products, vitamins, minerals and pharmaceutical supplements. Your doctor should be aware of all the treatments you are currently using in order to adjust correct dose, both safe and effective. Avoid Tamoxifen combinations with the medications your doctor did not approve.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed any abnormalities or complications triggered by Tamoxifen use. The drug misuse or overuse can lead to specific reactions and severe health impairments. Report any symptoms of allergic reactions, signs of blood clots, stroke and other severe disorders immediately. Besides, you need to provide the healthcare specialist with information about mild to moderate disorders, especially vision impairments, symptoms of liver disorders, abnormal calcium level in the blood, breast lump, changes in the menstrual period and others.


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