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Alfacip (Alfacalcidol) Canada

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Alfacip is a trading name of Alfacalcidol ingredient. This ingredient is an analogue of vitamin D and has identical therapeutic characteristics.

In fact, Alfacip is a metabolite of the active form of vitamin D which is formed in the kidneys out of vitamin D3. Therefore, a pharmacological activity of Alfacip is higher than in the common pills of vitamin D. The human body receives an active metabolite at once that has the maximal bioavailability.


Main characteristics of Alfacip:

- The increase of the calcium and phosphorus absorption in the intestine

- A restoration of the positive calcium balance

- The increase of the mineralization of the bone tissue

- A stimulation of the growth promoting substance of the bone tissue

- A prevention of the muscle weakness syndrome

Alfacip works for most people who live in regions with low insolation. This drug is also a great supplement to the diet of people (including vegetarian diet, parenteral feeding). The medical studies have shown a high safety of Alfacip and a complete absence of the side effects during the use of the therapeutic doses. A medical reaction to the use of Alfacip develops slowly due to the accumulation of calcium in the body.

Alfacip does not contain calcium and phosphorus and does not affect the synthesis of these ingredients. It just increases the absorption of calcium in the intestine, so that its concentration significantly grows. Therefore, it is necessary to consume more products containing calcium for more intensive therapeutic effect of Alfacip.


- Alfacip is contraindicated during hypervitaminosis D, high level of calcium in the blood, affection of the skeletal system as a result of the chronic renal failure

- The use of Alfacip may be contraindicated during the active form of tuberculosis, heart failure, atherosclerosis, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, if you have one of these diagnoses, consult a physician

- Do not take Alfacip during breast-feeding. If this drug is required in this period, stop the breast-feeding for a while

- Do not take Alfacip with cardiac glycolysis; their interaction increases a risk of the arrhythmia development

Drug Interactions

Alfacip is prescribed for the treatment of such diseases as:

- Vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis of vitamin D (therapy and prophylaxis)

- Osteoporosis

- Osteopathy

- Liver failure

- Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract during which malabsorption is observed

- Fanconi’s anemia

The use of Alfacip should be started from the minimal doses to control a medical reaction and an individual body reaction to the action of the drug. Adult patients (over 12 years old) should begin the treatment from the minimal dose of Alfacip 1 mcg per day. The dose may be gradually increased by 0,5 mcg every 2-3 days up to the stabilization of the biochemical rates. A dose of Alfacip may vary depending on the recommendations for the use and symptoms of the disease.

For example, 1 to 3 mcg of Alfacip is prescribed to treat osteoporosis. If vitamin-D-resistant-rickets, a dose of Alfacip may be increased up to 10-20 mcg per day. Therefore, if you are planning to take Alfacip for the treatment of the acute/chronic pathologies, consult a doctor.

Side Effects

Alfacip in therapeutic doses does not cause side effects because this is a pharmacological analogue of the natural vitamin. But in case of the overdose, a patient may have nausea, dry mouth, dyspepsia, dizziness, weakness, tachycardia, and skin itching.

It is necessary to control the level of calcium in the blood during the treatment. Reduce the dose of Alfacip or stop the treatment in case of the surplus of the calcium.

Do not take the pills during the allergic reaction to Alfacip.