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Where to Buy Voltaren (Diclofenac) Canada?

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Voltaren, also known as Diclofenac, is a safe and effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (if administered right). The treatment affects important body organs and functions reducing the number of substances that cause inflammation and pain. Voltaren is commonly recommended for patients suffering from mild to moderate pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Due to the powerful action of the active ingredients of the medication on the body the drug can be prescribed for other conditions that are not mentioned in the safety guide.




Striving to improve the existing symptoms and receive a desired relief one should consult a healthcare provider before taking the medication. Since Voltaren is a potent treatment, its misuse can lead to serious consequences for the patient’s health. Thus, follow the prescription and never change the dose, duration of the course or periodicity of medication administration on your own. Tell your doctor if the symptoms do not improve after a considerable period of time, but never double or increase Diclofenac dose without permission.

Take Voltaren daily, following the prescription. Never break, crush or chew the tablet; swallow it whole. Using the treatment for long, frequent medical tests may be needed. Administer the pills at the same time daily. Once you have missed a dose, skip it if the following scheduled one should be taken very soon. Avoid alcohol consumption during Voltaren treatment course, since the combination of the two can increase the risk of stomach bleeding.



Precautions and Contraindications

Primarily to the medication intake, discuss it with your physician. Provide a specialist with all the details of your condition and other health complications to make sure Voltaren will be safe and effective for you. The medication can boost the risk of stroke, heart attack and other serious heart problems, thus, it is not recommended for patients with heart-related disorders. It is prohibited to use Voltaren right before or after coronary artery bypass graft. Besides, being allergic to active ingredients of the treatment or similar medications one should restrict its usage.

Additionally, tell your doctor about the following conditions (if any) to avoid side effects from meeting contraindications:

• Asthma;

• Kidney or liver disorders;

• Heart disease;

• Fluid retention;

• Stomach ulcers;

• Abdominal bleeding;

• Increased blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and others.

Do not start Voltaren treatment course if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, since the components of the preparation may affect the health of an unborn and nursing child. The treatment should not be administered by anyone under 18 years old.


A range of severe complications which Voltaren intake causes is related to negative drug interactions. Thus, inform your healthcare provider about other treatments you are currently taking. Pay exceptional attention to:

• Antidepressants;

• Blood thinners;

• Antifungal drugs;

• Steroid medications;

• Other NSAIDs;

• Diuretic pills;

• High blood pressure remedies, etc.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance in case you have noticed the symptoms of allergic reactions, such as hives, wheezing, sneezing, difficulty breathing and others. Additionally, wrong Voltaren usage can cause numerous complications, including:

• Mild exertions;

• Reasonless weight gain;

• Kidney or liver-related complications;

• Heart disorders;

• Serious skin reactions;

• Stomach bleeding, etc.