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Where to Buy Emla (Lidocaine) Canada?

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Emla is analgesic cream for outer use in case of acute pain. This drug is used for emergency reducing of pain in case of injuries, and sprains. Despite that this medication is applied to the skin, and it is not used inside, its pharmacological action helps in all types of pain and dominates even the most acute painful impulses. As active components, Emla contains two medications – Lidokain and Prilokain. Analgesic effect of these substances is identified by their ability to block the generation of painful impulses in the end of the nerves and to block the way of these impulses among nervous fibers. Level of anesthesia depends on dose and duration of penetrating to localization of pain’s source.

Emla has high clinic significance, because this universal analgesic possesses by highly-effective action. This cream can be used for:

• Making of painless injections
• Conducting of surface surgery
• Assuming of skin grafts
• Removal of tattoos
• Removal of warts
• Purification of venous leg ulcers


Emla has high safety and doesn’t provoke severe side effects. It is high safety of active drug’s substances, this can cream can be used in both ways independently and with prescription of doctor.

It is not recommended to use this cream for treatment of severe painful syndromes, because average duration of pharmacological action is 30-35 minutes. It is great minus of the drug, but for making of quick anesthesia it becomes the best medication.

Cream Emla is applied to the skin by thin layer under occlusive dressing that is included in pack of drug. It is needed to apply the drug not less than 1 hour before the procedure (operation, injection).

• Adult’s dosage of Emla is 1,5-2g\10kV. cm

Minimal duration of application is 60 minutes and maximal is 5 hours.

This drug can be applied to the skin surface, as well as to the surface of mucous membranes, genital organs of men and women.


• Contradiction to use is individual intolerance of amide type local anesthetics.

• It is not recommended to use drug to person with methemoglobinemia.

• Emla use can be prescribed during the pregnancy, only if the benefit of use is higher than dangerous to harm the baby.

• With use of cream in period of lactation, you should transfer the baby to artificial nutrition