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Elocon is the brand name for the generic drug Mometasone which is used topically to treat itching and inflammation that is caused due to allergies, psoriasis and eczema. Mometasone is a topical steroid. Elocon is available as cream that has 0.1% mometasone furoate. Elocon is available in 15 g and 45 g tubes.


Use Elocon as prescribed by your doctor or as given in the instructions that come along with the product. Do not use this medication for a longer period than prescribed to you. If the condition treated does not improve within 2 weeks then contact your doctor immediately. Using Mometasone continuously for more than 3 weeks is not recommended. It is necessary that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after using Elocon. Apply Mometasone only to the affected area and not to a larger area. It is advisable to apply as a thin film to the affected area for more effective treatment. Unless and otherwise told do not cover the area where Mometasone is applied. Covering the skin might increase the absorption of Elocon which might lead to other side effects. Elocon is not recommended for children below the age of 2 years.


Elocon might be absorbed through your skin and might cause some steroid side effects. This type of absorption is more in children than adults. Such steroid absorption in children might hinder their growth in the long term. Some people might develop fungal infections, bacterial infections, and viral infections upon using Mometasone. If you are allergic to any medications it should be revealed to your doctor. Diabetic patients should also tell their doctor about it as using Elocon might increase the sugar level. This increase in sugar level is due to the absorption of medication through your skin. Information on drug interactions is not available for Elocon.