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Cabgolin (Cabergoline) Canada

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Cabgolin, also known as Cabergoline, belongs to a group of dopamine receptor agonists. The medication is prescribed to patients suffering from hormone imbalance with the excess amount of prolactin in the blood. The drug works by decreasing a range of this hormone, appearing in the pituitary gland. Besides, Cabgolin can be recommended by your physician in cases not mentioned in the safety leaflet.


Follow the doctor’s prescription taking Cabgolin. Do not change the recommended dose and intake periodicity. Besides, administer the drug taking into account all the instructions mentioned on the prescription label. Your healthcare provider may require numerous tests primarily to the treatment course to make sure the medication will be beneficial in your case and not cause severe side effects. Additionally, the doctor can adjust a bigger or smaller dose in the course of the treatment to get the best results.

Cabgolin is commonly administered twice a week during 6 months. The medication should not be taken daily, unless it is recommended by the specialist. Test your blood regularly and measure prolactin level to be sure the drug produces a positive impact. Once you have missed a required dose, take it when you remember, but skip if the next scheduled dose is soon to be taken. Never increase or double the dose as it may cause overdose with its negative outcomes.


Before starting the treatment course with Cabgolin, consult your healthcare provider and tell him/her about all the health problems you have and medications you are taking. Then based on the presented information the doctor will either prescribe the drug to you or restrict its intake. Provide your physician with the information about all the diseases you suffer from to ensure Cabgolin intake will not affect other vital body organs. To be sure the medication is safe and reliable, pay special attention to conditions, such as heart problems, liver diseases and breathing difficulties. Besides, do not take the medication once you are allergic to active Cabergoline ingredient or any other drug component. Additionally, avoid the medication course if you:

• Suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure or uneven heartbeat;

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding;

• Have a history of severe heart or breathing disorders, heart valve problem;

Drug Interactions

Inform your healthcare specialist about all the medications you are taking to eliminate the risks of negative and undesirable drug interactions. Mention the drugs you administer on a regular basis. The medications that interact with Cabgolin include perphenazine, droperidol, trifluoperazine, haloperidol, chlorpromazine, thiothixene, erythromycin, clarithromycin, thioridazine, prochlorperazine, fluphenazine, promethazine, metoclopramide and others. This is not a full list of medications that should not be combined with Cabgolin, so tell your doctor about not mentioned ones too, if any.

Side Effects

Proper Cabgolin intake, following all the recommendations and instruction makes the treatment course sane and harmless. The common side effects that appear to be a usual reaction of the body to a new medicine include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, headaches, constipation, drowsiness, stomach pain, indigestion, etc. These symptoms will fade away after the first few medication intakes. However, the drug misuse and overuse may cause serious allergic reactions, lower back pain, swelling, tiredness, fatigue, difficulty breathing, chest discomfort and other complications. Seek emergency medical help if you have noticed any reaction.