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Where to Buy Sinequan (Doxepin) Canada?

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Sinequan is anti-depressive medical remedy. It is included in group of tricycle antidepressants. It has anti-depressive, anxiolytic (anti-panic), central analgesic, antiulcer, and anti-itching action. Wide specter of pharmacologic action allows using this drug as treatment of neural system disease and mental disorders as well as with somatic disorders connected to depressive disorders. Directions to use of Sinequan:

• Depression
• manic-depressive psychosis
• Anxiety
• neurosis,
• organic diseases of the CNS
• feelings of fear,
• Panic disorder
• Sleep disorders
• premenstrual syndrome
• Peptic ulcer
• chronic pain in cancer patients, migraine, rheumatic diseases

Mechanism of action is explained by straight connection of active drug’s components with central neural system and brain. Restoring chemical brain misbalance, remedy relives all symptoms of mental diseases and emotional disorders. Also occurs increase of pain threshold, due to it, patients with severe attacks don’t feel the pain.


Drug is should be used only according to recommendation of qualified medical worker, after identifying of diagnosis and level of disease’s severity.

• Tablets of Sinequan are used inside, in time or immediately after eating for reducing of irritation of gastric mucosa.
• With averagely marked depression, recommended dose is 75-150 mg a day, divided on 1-2 use.
• Maximal day dose is 300mg in 20 use.
• Duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks in average


In case of continues treatment is not recommended immediate stopping of it because of the development risk of withdrawal

• In period of treatment is inacceptable using of alcohol, using of MAO inhibitors.
• Contradictions for use: allergy on Sinequan, infarct myocardium, angle-closure glaucoma
• To use carefully with: bronchial asthma, in case of cardiovascular diseases (angina, hypertension, heart block, arrhythmia)
• In time of pregnancy or lactation period, the drug usage is categorically forbidden, because it can do harm to children and to violate the work of his central neural system.
• Risk of side effects appears in 2-3 days of drug’s use. Keep prescribed dose by doctor and in case of first symptoms of side effects, it is better to consult with health care worker/