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Reosto is an ultimately new and approved medication, which is characterized by the all-natural composition and powerful influence on the organism. Due to the safe impact on the organism the drug can eliminate pain, inflammation and other symptoms of osteoporosis. Generally, the treatment features a complex effect: first, it is administered as an osteoporosis treatment, which stimulates bone formation and reduced the risk of possible fractures, and second, it promotes a significant anti-inflammatory effect on the organism. Besides, Reosto helps advance calcium reabsorption within the nephrons, regulated osteoblast and increases the absorption of calcium within the gastrointestinal tract.

Contact your medical specialist before the use of this powerful herbal treatment. Do not use the drug off-label until the doctor advises you otherwise.


Start the treatment course with doctor's consultation, as it is a reliable way to a successful treatment course with beneficial results. The active ingredients of the drug can advance specific health disorders and complications. Therefore, it is important to administer the drug without any changes. Never increase or decrease the prescribed dose. Serious health problems can be stimulated by Reosto overdose.

Generally, Reosto dose will vary greatly, depending on the severity of a patient's condition, his/her overall health state, currently used medications and other factors. However, on average, 1-2 tablets Reosto used twice a day are a sufficient dose for a progressive condition treatment. Start with the minimal effective dose, advancing it if necessary. Never increase or decrease the adjustment without doctor's approval. Otherwise, you risk experiencing devastating health complications and disorders.


According to Reosto safety leaflet, the medication is completely safe and is not likely to cause harmful reactions and side effects. However, you need to provide a medical specialist with detailed information about all the health disorders, impairments and complications you have. Some conditions can interfere with the treatment course, activating unwanted reactions and adverse reactions.

Reosto is not approved for patients under 14 years old. Never exceed the daily drug dose. Report the slightest complications, as it is possible to decrease the dose and achieve optimal reactions.

Drug Interactions

Being a natural treatment with herbal components only, the medication is likely to be safe and cause no interactions. However, you should not combine Reosto with other pharmaceuticals, unless your doctor approves it.

Provide your healthcare specialist with detailed information about all the prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, minerals and vitamins you are using to prevent possible disorders.

Side Effects

Follow all the safety instructions and doctor's directions to achieve the desired effects and witness no disorders. Your medical specialist should be warned about all the mild to severe disorders activated by Reosto use.

Seek emergency medical help the moment Reosto course has triggered breathing disorders, hives, itching, swelling of the nose, throat or lips as all as other symptoms of allergic reactions. Additionally, you need to stop the drug use and contact the doctor if the therapy has stimulated the condition aggravation or any severe health problems.