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With a potential positive impact on the male ability to achieve and hold an erection, Stud is classified as an up-to-date erectile dysfunction remedy. Due to the active ingredients, the drug helps men to get hard and durable erections with ultimately pleasant sensations. Generally the drug is recommended for men with problems maintaining an erection. Lidocaine, being the active ingredient of the medication, helps prolong the achieved erection. The component decreases penile sensitivity in order to get the desired effect. Consequently, a man gets an exclusive opportunity to enjoy pleasurable and satisfactory sex. Despite the mechanism of the drug action is not fully learned, it is frequently prescribed to people with erectile issues, low libido and premature ejaculation. Moreover, Stud Spray can sometimes be administered in other instances, except for the ones listed in the safety guide.


Consult your doctor before the medication intake. The treatment is not for regular use, so you need to follow intake instructions to avoid overdose and related complications. The drug should not be applied more than once a day. Use the treatment approximately within 10-30 minutes after a presumable sexual intercourse to get the maximal benefit. You should not get more than 5 sprays a day. Start with lower doses and increase them in accordance with the doctor’s directions and achieved effect. Check the body response to the ingredients of the medication, and only then start increasing the dose. The medication cannot be used every day during more than 3 months.


Irrespective of the form, the drug has a range of restrictions and contraindications. You should not use the medication if you are sensitive to its ingredients or similar erectile dysfunction measures. People, who are allergic to Lidocaine, can experience considerable discomfort followed by full sensitivity loss. That is why, it is inevitable to consult a medical specialist and start a course only in case you have no restrictions. The treatment is approved for men only, so no children or women should apply it. Do not take Stud Spray unless you are 18 years old. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not interact with the treatment due to high possibility of side effects occurrence.

The very beneficial point of Stud course is its possible use with alcohol. However, keep in mind that despite the drug will not interact with alcohol, the latter can negatively impact the very ability to get and maintain an erection. Tell your doctor about the accompanying or underlying disorders in the sexual sphere you have. Pay due attention to penis deformity, severe kidney or liver disorders, heart abnormalities and other complications.

Drug Interactions

Due to the convenient form of the medication, you can take it with different prescription and generic drugs, herbal products, minerals, vitamins, supplements and other pharmaceuticals. Stud Spray should be applied externally, so it is not likely to impair other treatment courses. However, you need to provide the doctor with a full list of drugs you are currently taking to eliminate even the slightest potential risks.

Side Effects

The medication is generally safe and is not likely to cause complications. However, you can experience allergic reactions, while fever, heart disorders and similar conditions can occur in patients who are sensitive to the drug or have overdosed it. Seek emergency medical help the moment you have got any disorders as a result of Stud use.