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Benicar (Olmesartan , Medoxomil) Canada

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Benicar can be used as the only standalone medicine or as a part of other medications to control the high blood pressure. The doctors however recommend this treatment for some other health conditions as well.

Benicar initiates the action of chemical transmitter called angiotensin II which facilitates the dilation of blood vessels and it also initiates the kidneys to remove more fluids and sodium. This is of the drug type angiotensin II receptor antagonist. Benicar is very effective in reducing the high blood pressure situation by stabilizing the blood flow.


Benicar is an oral medicine which can be taken before or after food. You will need to be very consistent with the Olmesartan dosage as prescribed by the doctor. If you fail to take the dosage due to any reason, you will need to take it as soon as possible but just make sure that it does not overlap with your next dosage timings. Olmesartan it is not recommended for pregnant women and the consequences of taking this medicine could be fatal for the baby. You will need to immediately stop the Benicar treatment if you suspect that you are pregnant and contact your doctor immediately regarding this. Benicar acts differently on different people and even the side effects vary from people to people. If you feel any traces of side effects or discomfort, it would be best that you contact your doctor regarding this.