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Every third EU citizen has overweighting problems (29%), and one in ten (8%) suffers from obesity, 46% account to men and 21% to women. The annual cost of treating obesity in Switzerland for example equals 43 million Euro, and if we add to it the treatment of related problems, the price will rise to 3.2 billion.

The history

Since 2007 Alli capsules have started conquering the US. The success was so great that a few days after receipt of medicines sold the entire stock was sold out: 5 million. Americans took Alli regularly, and annual sales estimated at 120 ml. dollars. Today, when the demand has significantly decreased, Alli can be found even at supermarkets. Once in May 2010, the drug has come to Europe, in France it was sold out within the first two weeks, while the number of sales also declined. Actually, when studying an unprecedented success of the medication, it turns out that Alli is a lightweight analogue of already well-known anti-obesity drugs - Xenical, manufactured by Roche in 1998, and the first medication for weight loss, available without a prescription.


According to Dr. Vittorio Joosti, a consultant on obesity at Cantonal Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), there is nothing magical around Alli - the medication was developed initially for the treatment of obesity in patients older than 18 years with a body mass index greater than or equal 28 (BMI is calculated through weight divided by height in square inches). In highly developed economies this category of people, as a rule, is under the supervision of a doctor, who appoints Xenical. Professor Alan Gol, a specialist in obesity Cantonal Hospital of Geneva says Alli is an excellent way to educate patients who are new in the field of nutrition - the drug helps them to be careful with a fatty meal.

Dr. Anna Laurent Jacquard, a nutritionist with 10 years of management experience, now employed at Branch Obesity CHUV, believes that Alli works not only for the treatment of obesity, but also for the loss of extra 4-5 kg, underlining that its appointment should be combined with physical activity, and diet - revised. She believes that 50% of patients weight depends on heredity, the rest as it is influenced by lifestyle and psychological problems, and unhealthy diet plays only a secondary role.

Packaging & effect

Alli contains 60g of orlistat agent which is an inhibitor of lipases (enzymes gastrointestinal) preventing the absorption of 25% of fats in the intestine. Fats are excreted naturally, causing loose stools, making Alli difficult for everyday use. Weight loss is achieved due to the smaller amount of absorption of fats and hence getting fewer calories. Dr. Roger Darioli, vice-president of the Swiss Society for Nutrition, recalls that Alli does not create a neuropsychological effects such as appetite suppression.

It is also known that Alli has no effect on the already deferred fats. Orlistat itself does not cause weight loss and the recommended 3 capsules a day after meals are effective only in combination with a diet poor in fat, and physical activity to press for 4-10 kg/year weight loss.

The package contains 84 capsules, the original non-generic remedy is offered at 90 Euro. They preparation is designed for 2 weeks course, while the recommended treatment is estimated at 6 months.

Side effects

The medicament is not dangerous, since its absorption your body does not occur, but long-term use, as is the case with Xenical, it can contribute to changing the intestinal flora. Keep in mind the reaction of Ally with other medicines, in particular, with oral contraceptives that may lose efficiency due to frequent watery stools. Abdominal pain or headache may also occur. The drug can also cause lack of vitamins, which is why during the course of weight loss it is recommended to take vitamin A and C complexes.