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Duphaston (Dydrogesterone) Canada

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Duphaston is a hormonal medical product which is an analog of the natural progesterone. This remedy is used for hormone imbalance during pregnancy, especially at the risk of loss of fetus, for dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, and disorder of the menstrual cycle.

Moreover, this remedy can be used for the menopausal syndrome, neutralization of proliferative effect of estrogens to the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity during the use of estrogens.

The advantage of this drug is that its active component Dydrogesterone does not have estrogenic, androgenic, anabolic, glucocorticosteroid and thermogenic activity. Due to this patients tolerate well the therapy by this remedy, and they almost do not have side effects. This remedy does not provide a negative effect to the metabolism of carbohydrates and liver function, does not affect the level of coagulability of the blood unlike estrogens. It also maintains a positive action of estrogens to the lipemic index of the blood.


The use of Duphaston should be controlled by a professional medical specialist who will prescribe you the safest and optimal course of the treatment and find out contraindications which may break the pharmacological action of this medication.

The clinical signs of the disease and phases of the natural menstrual cycle should be taken into account to get the maximal therapeutic action. The daily dosage is divided into several uses in the equal intervals of time.

for endometriosis patients are prescribed 10 mg 2-3 times a day starting from the 5th day up to the 25th days of the cycle or uninterruptedly.

For infertility 10 mg is prescribed a day from 14th up to 25th day of the cycle. The length of the treatment should be minimum 6 cycles in a row. Only in this case it is possible to wait for the complete therapeutic effect.

If a miscarriage may happen, 40 mg of Duphaston is prescribed once and then 10 mg is taken every 8 hours until the symptoms disappear


During lactation it is better to refuse from the use of this drug as its active component may pass through the milk.

In case of the increased sensitivity to Dydrogesterone the use of this remedy is contraindicated.

If you have acute or chronic diseases of liver, it is necessary to tell your attending doctor about this.