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Vitamin E is a liposoluble antioxidant which is one of the most important elements in our body. It is produced by the human skin but it is also contained in different products. This vitamin is useful for our body because it slows down the processes of aging and breakup of the various elements. It neutralizes free radicals which destroy cells and tissues. These free radicals appear as a result of different factors: disorder of metabolism, excessive effect of ultraviolet and others. So, despite the fact that this vitamin is produced by the body its stock may run out quickly and it is necessary to take special tablets to restore them.

Vitamin E in the tablets has a wide range of the positive healing properties to the entire body: it hastens the blood circulation, improves the muscle activity, prevents the affection of the blood vessels, improves the transfer of fats and protects the vessels from atherosclerotic changes, regulates the action of the sexual gland, protects the body from the premature aging. Some latest studies have shown that Vitamin E may even reduce the premenstrual syndrome and some diseases of the breast.


Vitamin E is indicated for: muscle dystrophy, dysmenorrheal, moronic changes of the spine, joints and muscles, dysfunction of the sexual gland in men, arthritis, hypertension, psoriasis, dermatosis and even during menopause in women.

Patients are prescribed 2-3 tablets a day. They may be taken orally with a plenty of water, or they may be dissolved in the mouth cavity putting it under the tongue.

Having the course of the use of this vitamin will help to restore an integral work of the body and regulate the work of some separate organs. The length and frequency of the use of Vitamin E are indicated individually because the preconditions for its use are different in each patient.


Vitamin E is very useful for the body but do not abuse its use. The overdose of this vitamin may lead to serious allergic reactions and also sudden increase of the arterial pressure.

Patients are not recommended the use of these tablets in case of the increased sensitivity to this vitamin, recent myocardial infarction, and also cardiosclerosis.

Some studies record that the simultaneous use of Vitamin E reduces the efficiency of the drugs used for the cholesterol reduction.