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Hoodia is a comparatively new treatment, though its effect has beaten all the records. The medication is widely spread and extremely demanded now. The main advantage of the dietary supplement is its natural formula, which consists of herbal products. Hoodia features a powerful appetite suppressive function that helps to feel full for longer. The result of such influence on the organism is the advanced weight loss process and significant weight change. In addition, Hoodia can be taken off-label for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Contact your healthcare provider to learn the safety details and experience from a safe and beneficial treatment course.


Even though Hoodia contains only natural herbal products, a patient should consult his/hear healthcare provider. Besides, it is advisable to see a qualified practitioner trained in herbal supplements uses. Follow the instructions determined by the doctor and safety directions mentioned on the information leaflet. Your doctor will prescribe you the dose, sufficient for a positive effect. Never increase it on your own, as it can lead to severe health aggravations and misuse complications. Irrespective of the dose, Hoodia should be taken regularly, following the administration schedule. Take the weight loss supplement for an exact term recommended by the doctor. Contact your physician in case you have any problems or questions using Hoodia.


It is essential to see the doctor or at least learn the safety information mentioned on the leaflet in order to witness a safe and effective Hoodia action. The drug is contraindicated for people sensitive to any component in its composition. Besides, do not start the course if you are diagnosed with bulimia, anorexia or related eating problems, heart issues, abnormal blood pressure, blood clotting impairment and bleeding. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not approved for Hoodia therapy, as well as children under 18 years old.

Patients with other serious health disorders should discuss the intake of dietary supplement with the doctor beforehand. Mention all the specifications and peculiarities of your individual health condition, paying ultimate attention to the factors that may influence or change Hoodia effectiveness.

Drug Interactions

Considering the natural composition of the dietary supplement, Hoodia is likely to be completely safe and cause no interactions. However, the reality is different, since the drug is reported to cause harmful reactions if combined with other treatments. To avoid possible complications, a patient should inform a healthcare provider about other herbal products, minerals, vitamins and pharmaceutical supplements he/she is administering.

Side Effects

Irrespective of 100% natural formula, Hoodia misuse or overuse can lead to undesirable reactions and health disorders. Thus, successful weight loss treatment can activate undesirable allergic reactions, breathing problems, swelling, stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, constipation and other disorders if used with changes in the prescription. Contact your healthcare provider if Hoodia administration promoted any minor to severe abnormalities. Seek emergency medical assistance if the symptoms aggravate and become extremely bothersome. Since a complete range of Hoodia side effects is not known yet, any disorder should be discussed with the doctor.