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Where to Buy Eurax (Crotamiton) Canada?

Buy Eurax Online


Eurax is the brand name for the generic medicine crotamiton USP. Crotamiton is used to treat scabies and itchy skin in our body. Crotamiton has an amine like smell and is colorless. Eurax is available in the form of cream and lotion. The cream is available in 60 g tubes and the lotion is available in 2 oz. bottles.


To treat scabies using Eurax, you have to massage the lotion on your skin. Make sure you are spreading the lotion on the creases and folds in your body. It is necessary that you change the bed sheets in the morning after you have slept in it with the lotion applied. It is necessary that you apply the lotion after 24 hours of the first application of the lotion. Take a bath after 48 hours of applying the lotion for the last time. If you are treating itchy skin with Eurax it is necessary that you rub the lotion thoroughly until it is absorbed in the skin. It is also necessary that you apply the Eurax lotion under the finger nails using a toothbrush for easy application. You can apply twice with the 60 gm tube of Eurax.


Eurax lotion is for topical applications only. It should not be used for oral or intra-vaginal application. It is necessary that you shake the lotion bottle well before use. Keep them away from the reach of the children. It is better to store the medication at room temperature. In some patients there have been allergic reactions. There is not known drug interaction in using Crotamiton. Do not apply Eurax on skin inflammations, eyes, or mouth. It is better to discontinue using this medication if you have severe irritations upon using Eurax.