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Where to Buy Feldene (Dolonex) Canada?

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Feldene (Dolonex) is an anti-inflammatory remedy of the non-steroid group. It has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-platelet, and anti-fever pharmacological activity.

The mechanism of the action is conditioned by the ability to block the production of prostaglandins. These components are responsible for the appearance of the pain and edemas in the place of the inflammation. The action of the drug starts almost at once after its use, however, an essential anti-inflammatory effect develops within one week.

Also, this drug causes the weakening of the pain syndrome of the middle intensity by means of the increase of the pain threshold. The painful sensations ease and do not reach the center of the brain because of the weak conductivity of the central nervous system. So, the inflammatory processes are painless in most cases.

The anesthetic effect occurs in about 30 minutes after the use of the tablet and is kept within 4-6 hours depending on the severity of the pain and its cause.

In patients with articular syndrome it reduces the internal constraint and swelling of the joints and causes the increase of the volume of the movements.

Feldene is prescribed for the treatment:

- rheumatoid arthritis

- rheumatism

- osteoporosis

- neuralgia

- myodynia

- edema in joints, muscles

- sharp attacks of gout

- traumas of light and middle severity: injuries, muscle strain, displacements

- pain syndromes after surgeries and severe traumas




The use of Feldene needs the prescription. In every individual case patient has to have clinical examination and find out the type of the inflammatory disease and level of its severity. Dosage of the drug, rate of its use and individual recommendations which may be required from patients with contraindications depend on this.

- Feldene tablets are taken orally without chewing it. The tablets may be taken irrespective of the meals.

- In case of the rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis the optimal daily dose is 10-30 mg once a day. The length of the use is determined by the efficiency of therapy in this case. Usually, the tablets are taken until the complete improvement of the disease symptoms.

- Treating the sharp gout the initial dose of the drug is 40 mg per day. It may be divided into two uses (in the morning and evening by 20 mg), or one tablet of Feldene (Dolonex) 40 mg is taken.

- As the anti-fever remedy it is prescribed 10-20 mg/day until the gaining of the needed result. To gain the faster effect it is possible to take one tablet of 40 mg in the first two days, and then the dose is reduced up to 10 mg.

- The termination of the drug use should be gradual reducing the dose once per 2-3 days.

- The components of Feldene are removed by kidneys and through the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore the patients with diseases of these organs require the lowering of the daily dose.



Precautions and Contraindications

- Patients who are observed the erosive ulcerous affections of the gastrointestinal tract, sharp hepatic failure, disorder of the blood coagulability, should turn to the doctor before the beginning of the treatment. Perhaps, the individual regimen of the treatment will be needed.

- Patients with intolerance of the components of Feldene , children under 14 years old, and also women during pregnancy are contraindicated to take this drug.

- In the process of the laboratory study of the pharmacological safety of the drug it was identified that it passes through placenta and penetrates into the breast milk. As a result women during lactation have to refuse from the treatment or use the bottle feeding of a child.

- In the process of the treatment the control of the functional condition of the liver and image of the peripheral blood is needed.

- It is necessary to avoid taking ethanol during the treatment.