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Where to Buy Nexium (Esomeprazole Magnesium) Canada?

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Nexium medication is the type of medication which is otherwise called as an acid pump inhibitor or proton pump inhibitor or the PPI. The stomach lining is made of millions of cells which produce acids and these acids help in the digestion of food inside the stomach. Over-secretion of these acids will lead to the acidity and uneasiness in the stomach.

Nexium functions in reducing the secretions of the acid pumps and thereby decreasing the acid content inside the stomach. The production of acid will be balanced because the Nexium deactivates many of the pumps from secreting the acid. The reflux symptoms are caused by the acid moving into the esophagus and Nexium reduces this action from happening. However, this is not overdone and the digestive action will not be hampered in the process. The reflux of the acid will gradually start damaging the delicate inner wall of the esophagus. The doctor will be able to determine the amount of damage done and he will recommend Nexium as the medication for you. The ingredients involved in the manufacture of Nexium are magnesium trihydrate, which is a compound that reduces the acid secretion in the stomach and the BIS. It is the magnesium salt which is crystalline in structure and the color is white or a little off white. The Nexium is fairly soluble in water. The esomeprazole magnesium has the Ph value of less than seven and it gets degraded in the acidic medium. However it is a lot more stable under the alkaline environment. At 25° centigrade magnesium salt reaches the half-life in just nineteen hours and it takes just eight hours to reach half-life at 37° centigrade.


The course of Nexium medication is a short term treatment which will last for about a month or two. It is very helpful in the rejuvenation of the damaged esophagus once it is confirmed diagnostically. If you do not find any improvements in a month or two, the doctors normally recommend the same course to be extended for another couple of months. Basically the maintenance and the healing of inner layer of the Esophagitis are efficiently brought about by the Nexium medication. Erosive esophagitis can be easily healed with the Nexium treatment and the studies have shown that the treatment does not last for more than six months under any circumstance. Acidity is associated with heartburn sensations and other symptoms connected to GERD and Nexium is the best treatment for this condition. The results showed by the Nexium treatments re overwhelmingly high on the successful side. More than 90% of the treatments have shown great success because the results may vary from person to person. Consulting the doctor about your Nexium prescription would be a wise choice.