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Femilon (Ethinyl Estradiol) Canada

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Femilon is an advanced highly effective oral contraceptive which is used for the birth control. This drug will help any woman to regulate the menstrual cycle and plan time of ovulation.

According to the data of different clinical studies conducted in the medical institutions, the efficiency of this contraceptive is 99%, and this tells that you can be sure that you will not face accidental pregnancy.

Femilon is useful for any woman of the reproductive age who likes active sex life but wants to protect herself. The pharmacological action of the drug is characterized by the activity of the female hormones – estrogens and progestin. A combination of these hormones helps to control the process of maturation of ovule and ovulation. In one word, while the woman is taking this drug, she does not have ovulation and so she is not able to become pregnant.

For better protection this drug also increases viscosity of mucus in the uterus membrane as a result of which spermatozoa cannot gain the purpose and fertilize the ovule. Due to this there is an additional protection which guarantees the maximal efficiency of the contraceptive.


Femilon is released in a special pack which is calculated for the whole course of the use. This pack has 21 tablets with the active components which have to be taken every day without missing any of them. Each group of the tablets is calculated to a certain period of time, and therefore it is necessary to take them in succession which is indicated in the pack.

After 21 days of the use it is necessary to make a break for 7 days, and then the drug is started to use from the 8th day. Within this period of time you will have a normal ovulation and you will be able to be sure in your protection.

If one day of the use is missed, the effect may be broken, and therefore it is very important to take the medication without breaks and at the same time.

This drug is not indicated for the urgent contraceptive and needs a long-term course.


Femilon tablets are contraindicated for women during pregnancy, breast-feeding, severe cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and also infectious diseases of the inner genitals.

Before using this drug it is recommended to consult your attending doctor who will recommend you individual recommendations for the use.