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Mentax Cream (Butenafine) Canada

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Antimycotics or antifungals form a huge class of different chemical compounds having specific activity against pathogenic fungi. They are oftentimes of natural origin and obtained by chemical synthesis. Antifungal drugs are divided into several groups, differing in chemical structure, clinical application in various mycosis (fungal infections), as well as features of the spectrum of activity.

Today, the need to use antifungal agents tablets, creams, gels, liquids, has increased substantially. This is explained by the frequent use of powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics, their misuse, sometimes inappropriate and unjustified, and with the growing number of patients with various disorders of the immune system and increasing prevalence of severe systemic fungal infections. Mentax Cream is a part of that growing demand.


Mentax Cream is a decent representative of the new generation ointments; a powerful medication designed for efficient skin fungal infections treatment. Apart from the relatively narrow list of issues it deals with, Mentax Cream can be prescribed by your treating doctor for non-listed cases. The drug is applied topically, eliminating sensitive fungi through interference with the cells’ membranes and breaking their structure.

The medication’s core ingredient is represented by butenafine hydrochloride, a representative of antifungal compounds class, also referred to as benzylamines - the group that is close to allylamines in their structure.

Precautions and Contraindications

Use the drug in accordance with the routine in the insert. Rub the cream gently and make sure you’ve applied enough cream to the problem skin; remove the excessive cream. Normally, the set of rules are narrowed to the following routine (please, use the guideline only in informative purposes):

1. Before applying the cream, wash the problem area carefully and rub the preparation gently and evenly.

2. Applying non-sufficient amount of cream may have a negative impact on the speed of recovery; the non-affected skin area is better to be covered with the medication as well.

3. Once the drug is applied, wash your hands carefully, use plenty of foam.

4. Do not cover the coated area with band aids, patches or bandages, unless the opposite is prescribed by your treating doctor.

5. Make sure you’ve undergone a full course of treatment: even the results are visible enough, do not abandon or prolong the treatment without a consultation.

6. Follow the application regimen carefully, if the procedure is missed for some reason, apply the cream as soon as possible, but avoid doubling the dosage.

Using Mentax safely

Mentax Cream is designed for fungal infections treatment, so it should be used in accordance with its primary purpose. The medication must be applied externally only; in case of accidental contact with eyes or mouth, wash the area with water quickly several times. Mentax Cream is prescribed to adults and 12+ children: neither safety nor efficiency for a younger group is tested.

Just like any medicament Mentax cream has a set of limitations: in this case an individual should refrain from treatment in case of hypersensitivity to any of its components. The application of the cream is not recommended in terms of a number of circumstances and conditions. Thus, the cream should be applied only after a consultation with a physician in case of:

- gestation and lactation periods

- taking biologically active food additives, herbal medicines, or any types of supplements

- allergy to any medical components or foods

There is no clinical data on the nature of Mentax interaction with other medications, however, you should better use the cream cautiously.