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Geriforte Syrup Canada

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This innovative and highly effective medication features a complex impact on the body. Containing natural ingredients only, the medicine is aimed at considerable improvement of the patient’s health. The main peculiarity of the treatment is its antioxidant effect. Natural components work preventing free radical-induced oxidative impact on various body organs. Additionally, the components of the drug are characterized by a cardioprotective and rejuvenating effect. Moreover, Geriforte Syrup serves as anti-stress, being classified as an adaptogenic drug. The therapy helps combat fatigue and stress, advance stamina and boost overall body performance. Thus, the treatment is commonly prescribed to patients, who need help with age-related debility, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress-related anxiety and occupational stress. Geriforte Syrup is available in various forms and flavors to meet the preferences of all the patients. You need to contact your healthcare specialist to learn detailed information about medication intake.


Before you start the treatment course, you need to discuss its specifications with a qualified medical specialist. Get proper prescription suiting the severity of your problem and the overall health state. Never increase or decrease the dose, as it will lead to serious health abnormalities and disorders. Report any complications to your doctor if you want him/her to change the prescription for better effects. Due to the natural composition, the syrup is commonly safe, but it can trigger unwanted reactions if misused or overused. Depending on the treated condition, the dosage and duration of the course will vary. Undergo a full treatment course determined by your doctor if you want to get the necessary effect and avoid complications. Once you have skipped a single drug intake, you can either take it the first possible moment or skip. Never double the following dose, as it will lead to overdose with harmful reactions. Stop the medication intake if you have noticed any adverse reactions.


Geriforte Syrup can be used for various purposes and with changing results. Thus, you must discuss the therapy with your healthcare provider to get correct recommendations. The drug is not approved for people, who are sensitive to any of its components. Additionally, you should be aware of other illnesses and diseases, which can interfere with the treatment course. Provide the physician with detailed information about your health state to minimize possible risks.

Drug Interactions

Certain prescription and over-the-counter pills, herbal supplements and other remedies can interfere with Geriforte syrup course leading to devastating side effects and unpleasant results. Inform the doctor about accompanying therapies you have to eliminate the risk of their interactions.

Side Effects

Despite the chemicals-free composition of the drug, it still can trigger certain abnormalities and misuse reactions. Most commonly, they appear as a result of personal sensitivity to one of the components or after drug overuse. To avoid such disorders, a patient should warn the doctor even about the slightest complications you get. Seek immediate medical assistance if you have noticed the signs of allergic reactions, especially breathing disorders, itching, swelling, hives or other symptoms of severe health problems.