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Fucidin Cream (Ointment) Canada

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Fucidin Cream (ointment) contains fusidic acid as a main ingredient that fights bacteria. The medication belongs to a class of antibiotics used to improve skin condition and reduce multiple skin infections. The treatment is recommended for patients who require help treating skin infections provoked by definite bacteria, called staphylococcal bacteria. The conditions Fucidin Cream may improve include the following:

• Infected eczema;

• Paronychia and other infections around the nails;

• Impetigo;

• Infected wounds;

• Folliculitis, etc.


Fucidin Cream is a powerful antibiotic that prevents bacteria from producing essential for their existence proteins. Thus, the bacteria fail to grow and increase in quantity. Even though the treatment does not kill the bacteria, it makes them unable to develop.

The very important fact about the ointment is that it produces a powerful impact on the skin, so it should be used following doctor’s recommendations. To make the treatment course safe, follow a set of simple recommendations for Fucidin Cream use:

• Apply the medicine with clean hands;

• Use the treatment 3-4 times a day, or follow personal directions mentioned by your doctor. Apply the cream to infected area only;

• Follow the instructions provided by a healthcare specialist. Probably, you won’t need that frequent Fucidin administration, especially if the doctor ordered to cover the infected area;

• Wash your hands carefully after the medication application;

• Do not use cream for shorter or longer time than recommended. Take it every day, as prescribed by the physician;

• Continue using Fucidin Cream even it if looks like the infection has cleared up;

• Keep in mind that the cream is for external use only, avoid its getting into eyes, mouth and other areas;

• Consult your doctor if the infection does not get any better, but symptoms get worse instead.

Precautions and Contraindications

The initial part of Fucidin treatment course is the consultation with a healthcare specialist. He/she is the person to adjust the proper dose, application frequency and duration of the medication course. You should not change any of these directions without his/her permission. Provide the doctor with a complete list of health problems and disorders you have to make sure the drug will not aggravate the condition. Do not apply Fucidin Cream in case you are allergic to sodium fusidate, fusidic acid or other ingredients of the medication. Besides, the treatment is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women due to possible risks and complications it may cause in an unborn or nursing child.

Drug Interactions

Since Fucidin Cream is for external use only, and it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, it does not affect the action of other prescription or OTC medications, vitamins and herbal supplements. Nevertheless, other ointments, creams and lotions should not be applied to the same area simultaneously with Fucidin, since they can decrease the effectiveness of an applied antibiotic.

Side Effects

Fucidin Cream can cause different reactions in various people. However, there are some common complications that are reported to appear in a considerable part of the medication users. They include skin rashes, burning sensation, pain, redness or stinging of the skin after the application, contact dermatitis, itching, hives and others.

Call your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms appear. Seek emergency professional help if you have got the signs of severe allergic reactions.