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It is a well-known fact that many women are dissatisfied with their breast size. However, the revolutionary discovery of pharmacists has made it possible to forget about the problem and enlarge breasts in a natural way. Despite Brafix has appeared on the pharmaceutical market comparatively recently, its striking effect has made it highly demanded and popular.

Brafix belongs to a group of herbal supplements that are fully safe, if taken right. The medication consists of natural ingredients only, that eliminates the risk of side effects appearance and guarantees a top-notch action. The treatment stimulates the development and more intensive functioning of the pituitary gland, as well as production of natural growth hormones within the organism. As the result, the patient experiences breast enlargement.


Since the remedy is relatively new on the market of medications, its effects, adverse reactions and other features are not fully studied. However, it is important to remember that the drug affects essential body functions, including pituitary glands and hormones. Such an influence is rather serious and should be supervised by the doctor. Proper Brafix dose is inevitable both for a safe treatment course and desirable results. Generally, the pharmaceutical is recommended to be administered twice a day, with two pills at a time. Brafix is an oral drug that should be used with a glass of water. However, consult your doctor to receive individual recommendations and safety instructions suiting your health condition.

Take Brafix exactly as prescribed. Never increase or decrease the dose recommended, since you may experience all the related complications caused by the medication misuse. Once you have missed one dose, take it the moment you remember. Though, skip it if the next scheduled one should be taken soon. Avoid the treatment overuse, as it can also provoke serious adverse reactions and a range of devastating symptoms.


Striving to make the treatment course safe and effective, one should consult a healthcare provider before its beginning. Provide your doctor with full information about your health state. It is also inevitable to mention all the diseases and disorders you have, paying special attention to heart problems, liver and kidney issues, as well as hormones related complications. This will allow the doctor to recommend you the proper Brafix dose and intake duration.

Producing severe impact on the hormones, Brafix should not be taken by men and children. Besides, its intake should be restricted for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as active ingredients of the drug may affect the health of an unborn or nursing child.

Drug Interactions

Apart from contraindications and precautions, one should also mind possible Brafix interactions. Tell your healthcare specialist about other prescription and OTC medications, herbal supplements and vitamins you take. The full list of treatments Brafix interacts with is not known yet, though your medical professional will warn you about the most frequently appearing ones.

Side Effects

While severe complications from Brafix are not known yet, the common ones include headaches, breast discharge, hypersensitivity, etc. Call your doctor if any of these symptoms appear and do not fade away within a few days of the treatment course. Seek emergency medical assistance in case you have noticed serious allergic reactions or other complications.