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Where to Buy Hyzaar (Losartan Potassium–Hydrochlorothiazide) ?

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What is Hyzaar

Classified as an effective hypertension treatment, Hyzaar features a powerful composition that consists of Losartan and Hydrochlorothiazide as active components. The potential medication works preventing excess salt absorption by the organism. Consequently, the drug helps to reduce the risk of fluid retention and related complications. As an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, Losartan prevents narrowing of the blood vessels, advancing blood circulation and decreasing blood pressure.

Generally, the drug is prescribed to patients, who suffer from abnormal blood pressure. Additionally, it is frequently used to decrease the risk of heart-related complications, such as stroke and heart attack. Hyzaar can be administered off-label for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Discuss the therapy with your doctor to avoid misuse outcomes and dangerous adverse reactions.


It is necessary to consult a medical specialist before the beginning of Hyzaar treatment course. Follow an individually adjusted dose and intake instructions to take the maximal advantage of the therapy with minimal health risks. You should never change the dose or duration of the medication intake unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Frequent blood pressure checks may be required, especially for patients, who have severe hypertension. Contact your doctor in case you have got any dehydration signs during the therapy. The whole treatment course can last for over 4 weeks, so you need to keep using Hyzaar irrespective of the improved symptoms you have.

Precautions and Contraindications

Do not start Hyzaar course if you are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients. Patients, who have urination disorders, should avoid the treatment course, too. Hyzaar is not approved for combinations with Aliskiren containing remedies, especially for people with diabetes. Severe complications can occur if the hypertension treatment is administered by people with kidney disorders. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use the drug.

Hyzaar Interactions

Do not combine Hyzaar with Colestipol or Cholestyramine but administer them at least 4 hours before or after hypertension treatment. Potassium supplements and salt substitutes can trigger devastating side effects if taken together with Hyzaar. Alcohol consumption can decrease blood pressure, launching unwanted health reactions.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed allergic reactions, kidney failure symptoms or similar complications. Contact your doctor if less severe disorders started bothering you, especially vision impairments, abnormal bleeding or bruising, lightheadedness, jaundice, advanced potassium and others.


Before You Start Hyzaar Treatment

Doctor’s consultation is an inevitable part of a successful Hyzaar course. Discuss your current health state and bothersome condition with a qualified medical assistant to obtain the best treatment with top effects. Provide the doctor with details of the accompanying and underlying illnesses and disorders you have, as some of them can interfere with the medication effects. An individual dose adjustment may be needed for people, who are diagnosed with lupus, diabetes, liver or kidney disorders, advanced triglyceride or cholesterol levels, congestive heart failure, gout, abnormal potassium levels, glaucoma, asthma and others.

Hyzaar and Other Drugs

Potential components of the hypertension treatment can interact with a wide range of other prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements, minerals, vitamins and similar pharmaceutical products, launching severe health aggravations. Make sure your doctor is aware of the accompanying treatment courses you take. Do not combine Hyzaar with the following treatments: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, insulin or other diabetes remedies, Lithium and blood pressure treatments. This is not a complete list of possible Hyzaar interactions, so provide your medical specialist with detailed information in order to prevent complications.

Driving and Operating Machines

Serious concentration impairments can be caused by Hyzaar intake. Avoid responsible tasks that presuppose driving and fulfilling other assignments, which require alertness, concentration, thinking and attention.


Emergency medical assistance is required for patients, who suspect Hyzaar overdose. Contact your doctor immediately if you have noticed the primary overdose symptoms or related complications.


Where to Buy Hyzaar Online