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Fildena Super Active

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What is Fildena Super Active


Erectile dysfunction is one of the most devastating male health problems. The disorder is frequently accompanied by premature ejaculation, low libido, decreased sex drive, and similar health impairments. Impotence promotes a negative influence not only on the sexual functioning of a man, but also his overall well-being, family relations, and self-esteem.

While traditional tablets, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others may be ineffective, Fildena Super Active is the optimal solution. 100 mg Sildenafil, which is an active ingredient of the medication, helps to achieve a hard and long-lasting erection. The components of the drug interfere with the blood circulation around the body and muscle relaxation in the penile area. Consequently, one Fildena Super Active tablet used 45-60 minutes before the desired sexual activity can result in 4-6 hours of hard and controlled erection.


Despite the remedy is commonly safe, its misuse and overuse can trigger harmful reactions. It is important to use the treatment strictly in accordance with the safety directions and instructions on the medication guides.

Fildena Super Active is not approved for daily use. Instead, it should be taken only before sexual activity. More than a single tablet every 24 hours can lead to serious health aggravation and the occurrence of life-threatening adverse reactions. Striving to achieve the best results out of Fildena Super Active pill, natural sexual stimulation is a must.

Stop using the impotence drug and contact your doctor if you become dizzy, nauseated, or numb during sexual intercourse.

Precautions and Contraindications

Do not use Fildena Super Active unless you have tried less powerful remedies. The treatment is contraindicated for males, who are sensitive to Sildenafil or similar erectile dysfunction drugs. Combining Fildena with nitrate drugs may cause serious blood pressure impairments. Talk to your medical specialist before you start using Fildena for the improvement of your sexual functioning. An individual dose is required for patients, who are diagnosed with any accompanying or underlying health ailments, especially:

● Abnormal blood pressure;

● Heart disorders;

● Retinitis pigmentosa;

● Circulation impairments;

● Bleeding issues;

● Stomach ulcer;

● Kidney or liver disorders;

● Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease;

● Physical deformity of the penis and others.

Fildena Super Active is a male treatment only, so it should not be used by women and children. The medication is contraindicated for men under 18 years old.

Fildena Super Active Drug Interactions

Fildena Super Active can interact with other prescription and non-prescription drugs. Provide your doctor with information about other medications you use, especially to eliminate the symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension, chest pain, heart issues, blood pressure disorders, HIV/AIDS treatments, and antifungal remedies.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed any signs of allergic reactions, especially breathing impairments, hives, swelling, and itching. Stop the intake of the remedy if any of the disorders started bothering you:

● Priapism;

● Swelling in ankles, hands or feet;

● Lightheadedness;

● Convulsions;

● Ringing in the ears;

● Vision impairments;

● Shortness of breath.

More common side effects triggered by Fildena Super Active may include dizziness, flushing, abnormal vision, headache, back pain, muscle pain, nosebleed, insomnia, and others.

Before You Start Fildena Super Active Treatment

Talk to your doctor before you start the intake of erectile dysfunction drugs. It is inevitable to start with the lowest dose, which seems to be effective. Warn your healthcare specialist about all the existing health disorders and accompanying therapies you take. Do not take the drug unless you are confident about its safety for your overall health state. Keep in mind that natural sexual stimulation is the only way to activate the effects of Fildena Super Active.



Emergency medical assistance is needed in case the intake of Fildena Super Active resulted in life-threatening overdose reactions.


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