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Femcare (Clotrimazole) Canada

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For patients who are prescribed to take Femcare, you should already know that this medication is used to treat different vaginal yeast infections. Clotrimazole is its active ingredient that works by decreasing such unwanted symptoms as itching, vaginal burning and discharge. Basically, this medicine belongs to a group of drugs called azole antifungals, and it works by stopping or slowing down the growth of fungus or yeast. It’s available in 2 basic forms: standard tablets and vaginal creams.


Before you start taking Femcare, it’s necessary to read all the instructions on the label or talk to your doctor. Remember that this medication is designed only for vaginal use, and its correct dosage is based on your overall health, individual response to this treatment and some other important factors. Most physicians prescribe their patients to use Femcare only 1 time a day, usually at their bedtime, for 1-7 nights based on personal aspects.

It’s necessary to use this medicine on a daily basis, even if the symptoms disappear. As a patient, you need to ensure proper hygiene while applying it, too. It’s not allowed to use douches, tampons and other vaginal products while undergoing this kind of treatment. If you notice that your medical condition doesn’t improve after a few days of using Femcare, you should call your physician.


Before you undergo this treatment, you need to talk to your doctor and inform him/her about any possible allergic reactions, especially if they are related to azole antifungal agents, because you may have a risk of developing unwanted allergies to its components. Besides, your physician should know everything about your medical history, especially when it comes to frequent yeast infections, diabetes, problems with the immune system and others.

When planning to undergo any surgery, ensure that doctors know everything about the meds that you take to be on a safe side. Discuss a possibility to have a sexual intercourse while taking Femcare because its use can weaken such rubber products as cervical caps and latex condoms, thus, leading to their failure. It’s advisable to find out more about alternative forms of effective birth control during this time. It’s not allowed to take Femcare as self-treatment by pregnant women because they can use it only when it’s clearly needed. Be sure to discuss possible risks and benefits before making this decision.

Drug Interactions

It’s true that the effects of this medicine may change when combining it with other drugs and herbal supplements. The good news is that your physician knows how to manage possible drug interactions effectively or prevent them completely. Make a list of other products that you take before going to a hospital and starting the intake of Femcare. Those products that can increase the risk of having vaginal yeast infections include corticosteroids, antibiotics and meds that suppress your immune system.

Side Effects

Some of the most common adverse effects experienced by patients while taking Femcare include vaginal or urethral pain, itching, burning and lower abdominal cramps. If these unwanted symptoms worsen or persist, you need to call your doctor immediately. The best part is that these adverse effects happen only in rare cases, and they are mild. In addition, a serious allergic reaction to this medication is quite unlikely. Once you notice such symptoms as itching, rash, swelling, trouble breathing, severe dizziness and others, this means that you have an allergy to Femcare components.