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Where to Buy Avelox (Moxifloxacin HCL) Canada?

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Avelox is an antimicrobial medical product used for the treatment of infectious diseases of different severity. It is effective as for the majority of the known microorganisms and provides a wide spectrum of the pharmacological action. It shows a high activity in the treatment of gram-positive, gram-negative, and atypical infections. A special advantage of the drug is based on its ability to defeat microorganisms which have resistance to macrolides and beta-lactam antibiotics.

Avelox provides a fast and long bactericidal action. After beginning of the use of antibiotic patients have had a fast regression of the disease symptoms.

Avelox has become very popular in the treatment of the acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tracts such as sinusitis, exacerbation of the chronic bronchitis, and severe forms of pneumonia.

The pharmacological action of the drug helps to treat infections of the different severity level and forms: infectious diseases of the soft tissues and skin, infectious diseases of the uro-genital system, stomach, etc.


Avelox is produced in the form of the tablets and solution for infusions by the German pharmaceutical company, Bayer. The tablets must be taken without breaking, or chewing it, and with a full glass of liquid, water is preferable. The antibiotic can be taken both during the food intake and after it. It is not recommended to take Avelox on the empty stomach in order to prevent disorders of the stomach walls. The dosage of Avelox is the same for all types of the infections, i.e. 400 mg once a day. The length of the treatment changes only. Depending on the site of the infection and its severity the course of the treatment may be from 5 to 21 days.

All recommendations for the use and also length of the treatment will be prescribed by your attending physician.


Following precautions and recommendations for the use high safety, tolerance of the drug, and absence of the side effects are marked.

- it is necessary to take the antibiotic with care in the following situations: diseases of the central nervous system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also severe hepatic failure;

- Avelox is contraindicated in case of the high sensitivity to the components of the drug, in particular Maxifloxacin, children under 18 years, and pregnant women;

- Using the drug during breast-feeding it is necessary to use the bottle feeding.