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Lynoral (Ethinylestradiol) Canada

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Lynoral represents an estrogenic agent that provides interaction with specialized estrogen receptor, has a specific effect on the relevant authorities (the target) in the fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, vulva, excretory ducts of the mammary glands, causing proliferation of the epithelium. It increases the sensitivity of the muscles of the uterus and tubes to stimulating their motility mediators. It provides a hypolipidemic effect, increases blood levels of alpha-lipoprotein and sensitivity to insulin, improves glucose utilization. In high doses, the medication retains water and sodium in the body, stimulates erythropoiesis. In high doses, inhibits and activates a small secretion of follicle stimulating hormone. In men, it reduces the secretion of androgens, inhibits spermatogenesis in the testes (atrophic changes may develop). Lynoral haracterized by a weak anabolic effect. Under certain conditions, it has a contraceptive effect and may be prescribed as a part of oral contraceptives course.

Lynoral demonstrates high absorption rate having the effect of ‘first pass’. With renal excretion, the bile is subjected to enterohepatic recirculation. Depending on the physiological state (pregnancy, the individual phases of the ovarian menstrual cycle), the age and other conditions excretion rate may vary. The drug is metabolized in the liver with the formation of 2-OH-Ethinylestradiol.


Hypovarianism (primary and secondary amenorrhea, gipomenoreya, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea), infertility, vaginitis (girls and old age), gipogenitalizme, infantilism, estrogen deficiency secondary, post-castration and menopausal disorders, hypoplasia of the sexual apparatus and secondary sexual characteristics, acne, suppression of lactation, breast cancer, prostatic adenoma, prostate cancer.

How to use

When used properly, the failure rate is about 1% a year. The degree of failure may increase when taking the drug or omission as a result of improper use. Drops should be taken on a daily basis according to the order marked on the blister pack, about the same time, squeezed a small amount of liquid. The drug is taken at a dosage of 1 pill a day for 21 days.

Adoption of pills in each package should be initiated following completion of the 7-day break in taking the drug, during which menstrual-like bleeding usually occurs. It normally begins 2-3 days after taking the last pills, and may not result in the beginning of the adoption of pills next pack.

The administration of pills should be started on the first day of the menstrual cycle in women (ie the first day of menstrual bleeding). The start of reception may be initiated during the first 2-5-days, but in this case in the first cycle it is recommended to use a barrier method of contraception during the first 7 days of drug application.

Switching from another combined oral contraceptive, vaginal ring or transdermal patch it is desirable that the woman began to take the drug on the day after taking the last active pill of the previous medication, at least no later than the next day after a break. In the case of a vaginal ring or transdermal patch, it is desirable that the woman began to take the drug on the day of removal, but not later than the date of its next application.

Mentioned below is the list of cases where the use of the medication should be avoided: hypersensitivity, pregnancy, liver and kidneys, malignant and benign tumors of the genital organs and mammary glands (uterine cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, breast) in women of 60+ years, inflammatory diseases female genital mutilation (salpingo, endometritis), late menopause stages, a tendency to uterine bleeding, thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, otosclerosis, sickle-cell anemia. Precautions hypertension and thromboembolic disease.