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Where to Buy Careprost (Generic Latisse) Canada?

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Careprost (Generic Latisse) is a new remedy for the improvement of eyelash growth from Sun Pharmaceutical company. It may be used both for the treatment of hypotrichosis of the eyelashes, their excessive fragility, falling out and slow growth, and by people who just want to make their eyelashes and eyes more expressive and vivid. This drug contains a very popular component Bimatoprost. This drug is a fatty acid which is available in almost all cells of our body in small amount. After applying Careprost (Generic Latisse) to the eyelashes the active component penetrates the hair bulb and stimulates their blood supply creating an original nutritious environment for the growth.

Bimatoprost is also used for the treatment of some eye diseases including glaucoma, and therefore the use of this remedy for the increase of the eyelashes is a good preventive measure to prevent different eye diseases.

As a result of the use of this drug the eyelashes gain maximally possible length, become thicker and acquire a saturated dark color. The clinical studies conducted for studying pharmacological properties of this product testify that the eyelashes become by 25% longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker in 4 months of the drug usage.


Careprost (Generic Latisse) is indicated for the daily use by means of its application to the base of the eyelashes before going to bed. However, patients should avoid applying the drug to the eyelashes of the lower lids because this may lead to the cosmetic problems and unwanted result.

Once a day is enough in order to notice a considerable change of your eyelashes in a couple of months. The more frequent use will not bring better result and in some cases it may even harm, and that is why it is not recommended to abuse this remedy.

Usually, a complete therapeutic effect is observed in already 12-16 weeks of the treatment. The eyelashes become not only volume and long but also well protected against the fragility and falling out. If the use of the drug is terminated earlier, the whole effect may disappear within 1-2 months, and that is why it is necessary to have a whole course


Using the drug carefully wipe its excesses using the cotton wood ball that will reduce a risk of activation of the hair growth in the unwanted places.

Do not use Careprost (Generic Latisse) if you are observed the increased sensitivity at least to one of the components which are included in this drug.