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Anexil is a highly effective relaxing drug which contains only natural vegetable ingredients. This product has a wide specialization but it has a mild pharmacological action which is appropriate only for personal use.

This relaxant is ineffective in the medical practice, for example, during surgery. Its main pharmacological effect consists in the slight relaxation of the muscles due to which a person may take a rest, calm down, steady your nerves, and at the same time give your body an opportunity to quickly and easily restore after hard day.

The pharmacological activity of the active components of this drug allows using it during light disorders of the central nervous system which are expressed by the sleep disorder, excessive activity, and irritation. Providing a relaxing effect, this drug will keep you up and all your body creating conditions where the activity of the central nervous system is not needed.

However, Anexil is ineffective as a hypnotic drug, and therefore there is no point to take the tablet for this. It only helps to create conditions which will help to fall asleep and make your sleep better.


Anexil is released in the tablets of the green color which should be taken orally regardless of eating. In spite the fact that this drug is a natural product and totally safe for the body it is recommended to consult a doctor before the beginning of the treatment. Perhaps, your body will be able to find out the optimal dose proceeding from your physical condition which will effectively help you to relax.

Usually, the average dosage is 1-2 tablets a day. It is not recommended to increased the indicated dose because the body reaction to high doses of this relaxant may be unexpected. The length of the drug use depends on the purposes of the treatment and efficiency of therapy.


- Anexil does not cause side effects and is well tolerated in all groups of any age.

- This drug is contraindicated only those people who have allergy to the vegetable ingredients which are added to this remedy.

- Pregnant women have to consult a doctor before they start using this remedy.

- During the use of Anexil tablets it is advisable to refuse from the consumption of alcohol.