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Where to Buy Savella (Milnacipran) Canada?

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Savella is a trademark of medical remedy Milnacipran by name. This drug is included in group of antidepressants, serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Besides antidepressant properties, scientists marked analgesic action in this drug. Slight analgesic effect is explained by action on norepinephrine, and emotional, mental condition of patient can be improved due to restoring of chemical misbalance of serotonin.

Increasing of this substance in brain directly influences on emotional outbursts and helps to improve patient’s health.

Savella helps in treatment of chronic prolonged depression, improves processes of cognition, brain’s activity and speeds up concentration and coordination. Majority of depression symptoms which can appear during the disease, give the way to effective treatment due to this antidepressant.

Positive dynamic in treatment of depression is observed after 3-4 weeks of drug’s use. After full disappearance of disease’s symptoms, it is required to continue the use of drug as minimum for 9 month for full restoring of chemical brain’s balance.




Doctors don’t recommend using strongly-active antidepressants individually. For improving of mental health, patient needs to know for sure the dose of drug, and also the conditions of its use. In case of need to use Savella, you can consult with medical worker and to learn all recommendations and measure of precaution to drug’s use.

• For treatment of depression, patients are prescribed per 50mg Savella two times in a day. Pills are needed to be used in time of eating, drinking by glass of liquid.

Dosage can be corrected by doctor during the time of treatment, depending on influence of antidepressant on patient’s organism. In order to prevent depression, it is able to use 1 part of day dose every day.



Precautions and Contraindications

• Patients with chronic\acute diseases of liver\kidney need to reduce general day dose.

• Use of Savella should be avoided to patients with hypersensitivity to Milnacipran

• It is not recommended to use this drug by children till 15, because during the way of controlled drug’s researches, accurate data were not received about this age category.

• It is forbidden to use pills Savella together with inhibitors MAOIs