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Toprol XL (Lopressor or Metoprolol) Canada

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Hypertension is one of the most severe cardiovascular diseases when compared to several other diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Novartis is a pharmaceutical company which markets Toprol-XL or Metoprolol with the brand name of Lopressor. It is more popularly known as Toprol-XL in the U.S and it is also known as Seleken or Selokeen in some other places around the world. Alphapharm markets this medicine with the brand name of Minax in Australia. AstraZeneca Markets it with the brand name of Betaloc and Berlin-Chemie AG markets it with the brand name of Corvitol.

It is very important to understand that Lopressor is associated with metoprolol tartrate whereas Toprol-XL these associated with metoprolol succinate which is a sustained release formula. Metoprolol is widely prescribed for the individuals who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. The chest pain related to the coronary artery disorders or angina pectoris can also be treated with this medicine. Tachycardias are the abnormal increase of the heartbeat rates and it can also be treated with Metoprolol because it helps in slowing down and regulating the heart rate. Migraine headaches can also be controlled with the help of metoprolol. It is also effective on certain types of tremors which could be of hereditary or familial types.


Metoprolol is available in the form of tablets and it needs to be stored in the room temperature. The dosage is normally recommended by the doctor and it is to be taken before the meals or before going to sleep.


The safety of Metoprolol its not yet confirmed due to the unavailability of the data. The side effects of Metoprolol a normally seen to be mild and can be easily tolerated by the patients. Hypoglycemia if the condition which sends initial warning signals of low blood pressure and Metoprolol plays a significant role in curbing this health condition as well. Metoprolol It is not a addictive drug but the safety of its usage with the children is still not established. Individuals who are undergoing the diabetes treatment might need to consult with your doctor before taking this medication.