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Where to Buy Proscar (Finasteride) Canada?

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Proscar (finasteride) is in the form of white crystalline powder. It possesses a melting point temperature of around 250° C. Proscar gets dissolved freely in chloroform and in solvents of low alcohol content. It is a film coated tablet and has finisterdine weighing 5gms of quantity. Proscar also possess other non active ingredients like glycolate, cellulose, methyl cellulose, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearite. cellulose, lactose, microcrystalline etc. Proscar is called as 5-ARI, the abbreviated form for 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.


Prostate cancer is the second most frequently occurring cancer for men Proscar can be recommended for patients suffering from prostate cancer. Proscar reduces the Hormone dihydrotestosterone’s level. This hormone is the main cause for occurrence of prostate cancer. Age is a deciding factor for prostate cancer. People who are above 55 years of age should speak to their doctors and based on their recommendation can take the Proscar drug Making use of 5-ARIs has some advantages; the danger for lower urinary tract symptoms like urinating trouble is reduced considerably. At the same time it should be used in correct dosage based on the advice of your physician. If not properly used, i.e., improper dosage may result in augmented risks, like dysfunction of erectile and reduced amount of libido ejaculation.


If the person is taking any other medicine and if he is allergic to any pills has to consult the physician before taking proscar. Old people of 65 years of age and above are also advised to take the advice of health experts before going for Proscar. Improper use of Proscar, i.e., irregular dosage of the drug may lead to irreversible dysfunction. Also it has some side affects even after discontinuing the Proscar; some people find difficulty in erection of their sex organ. Pregnant woman should not take Proscar. Even breast feeding must stay away from Proscar. Sometimes Finasteride passes through the breast milk and may affect the infant. Blood donors are also advised not to donate blood, if they are taking Proscar. They can give blood only after a month from the date of discontinuation of the drug.