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Ayur Slim Weight Regulator Canada

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Ayur Slim Weight Regulator represents an efficient combination of natural components (herbs) providing a synergistic effect to normalize digestion and metabolism as well as promote the breakdown of fat. A biologically active food additive accelerates metabolism through preventing the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver, reducing the need for sugar, lowering cholesterol and еriglyceride levels, reducing the craving for food and carbohydrates in particular, optimizing nutrient absorption, removing excess mucus and fluid from the body.


It is understood that to lose weight once, it's easy to dial again. Ayurveda recommends organize your life in such a way to stay healthy and beautiful throughout life, without the use of drugs. Below, we describe effective, simple principles, using which you will always be in good shape!

In Ayurvedic doctrine and in its overwhelming number of approaches obesity is considered to be either a disbalance or Kapha dosha surfeit. According to these points of view, the body is accumulating too much earth and water elements, which in its turn leads to an increased body weight. The individuals with a dominant Kapha constitution must pay special attention to achieving a balance, as they are prone to the accumulation of excess weight and fluid in the body from birth, unlike the people of other constitutions, who can lose weight without putting much effort.

There are so many truly powerful Ayurvedic methods to choose from to reduce Kapha dosha and return it to normality. So, the key is to cleanse the body of Ama (toxins, waste, untreated waste), excess fluid and mucus and try later their stockpile, eat opposite to Kapha doshas products to maximize the digestive fire and use a variety of techniques to maintain support doshas in balance, otherwise the weight will increase again.

The presence of Ama in the body indicate the following symptoms: poor digestion, bad breath in the morning, fur, bad taste in the mouth, loss of vigor after waking up, cloudy, dark urine, aching joints, lack of appetite, and constipation.

Ayur Slim Weight Regulator Composition

The medication is comprised of the following ingredients: trigonella foenum-graec, fenugreek, terminalia chebula, garcinia cambogia, commiphora wightii and gymnema sylvestre.

Administration routine

2 capsules of preparation are recommended to be taken twice a day after meals with a glass of water. It is desired to have 8 hours break before intakes, though it is not crucial. Normally, the visible effect is achieved after 4+ weeks course; however, to ensure the result can stabilization the course can be prolonged to three months.

Despite the natural composition of preparation it implies a number of restrictions. Thus, biologically active food additive is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy, liver diseases and kidney failure. Those suffering from diabetes or hypertension should pre-consult a treating physician before taking a course.

If you decide to to cope with overweightness issues consciously, without any harm take advantage of proven and time tested Ayurvedic techniques, which in complex with the preparation will guarantee improved results. Here is a bunch of useful tips to maximize the effect of Ayur Slim Weight Regulator:

- Eat no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

- Do not eat any cold food (because the nature of the elements of Kafa doshas is cold, it gives an increase in excess doshas).

- Eliminate cold drinks, especially with ice.

- Do not consume dairy products with fresh fruit.

- Eat fruits separately from other food and ideally in the morning.

- Eat only durum pasta (not yellow and not white).