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Serpina (Sarpagandha) Canada

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Serpina, also known as Sarpagandha, is an exclusive medication used to balance blood pressure and treat hypertension. Containing herbals and all natural ingredients the medication is completely safe if taken following the instructions. Besides, the drug is reported to be highly effective in the treatment of not only increased blood pressure, but also anxiety that accompanies the condition. The action of Serpina is quite simple, though the effect it causes is impressive. The medication intake leads to depletion of peripheral catecholamine stores, which results in decrease of blood pressure. Additionally, the treatment reduces the adrenergic tone, controls anxiety and balances other vital body functions. Serpina can be also used in other instances, not mentioned in the information guide.


The most important thing about Serpina, as any other medication, is the necessity of consultations before its administration. Consult a healthcare specialist before the beginning of the drug intake to be confident you will not misuse or overuse the medication. After this step you may also be sure the drug will produce only a beneficial impact on your organism, improving the condition without any side effects and adverse reactions.

Take Serpina right as directed by the physician. Never increase or decrease the amount of the medication recommended. The doctor may change the dose to achieve the best effect, though you are not allowed to do it yourself. Use Serpina in the exact dose and during the whole treatment course recommended by a healthcare specialist. Continue taking the drug for the full length of the therapy even if the symptoms seem to improve. It will guarantee complete recovery and will eliminate the possibility of further condition reappearance.

Serpina is the medication for oral use only. Take one capsule two times a day after meals. Once you have missed a dose, skip it in case the next scheduled one is soon to be taken. However, take the missed capsule (if it is possible) the moment you remember about it. Never increase or double Serpina dose to eliminate the danger of drug overuse.


Serpina is an effective medication that is approved to be safe, though it may still produce some complications if taken wrong. It means a patient should obligatory consult a doctor before the medication use to ensure none of his/her health complications prevent him/her from a successful Serpina treatment course. Do not use the drug if you:

• Are allergic to any of its components, other medications or foods;

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding;

• Are under 14 years old, etc.

Inform your doctor about all the health disorders you have and diseases you are diagnosed with to eliminate possible interactions.

Drug Interactions

Despite the fact Serpina is a natural preparation. It may interact with other pharmaceuticals, including prescription and non-prescription remedies, herbal treatments, vitamins and other supplements. Tell your physician about all the medications you are taking to avoid dangerous combinations with Serpina.

Side Effects

Taking Serpina right, you are guaranteed to benefit from its effect. Nevertheless, the medication misuse and overuse can activate a range of devastating health problems and side effects. Call your doctor once the common side effects do not disappear after a quite long while. Seek emergency medical assistance in case the signs of allergic reaction started bothering you.