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Mircette (Desogestrel) Canada

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Micrette is a hormonal birth-control preparation providing up to 99% high-efficiency in long-term application. Apart from birth control function the preparation positively impacts the menstrual cycle.


Micrette represents a combinative hormonal drug with 2 active ingredients providing a contraceptive action. Based on progestin and estrogen hormones, the drug’s action is focused on ovulation prevention. The preparation contributes to thickening of vaginal fluid which makes sperm reaching the egg more complicated. The drug also adjusts the uretrus thus preventing fertilized egg attachment, which is therefore excreted from the body. Apart from contraceptive action, the drug has a certain impact on the frequency of menstrual cycles, making them more regular and less painful. Finally, Micrette, like almost any birth control drug, helps to level acne manifestations. Nevertheless, the preparation provides zero efficiency in terms of protection from sexually transmitted diseases.


The medication has a long range of precautions and contraindications, so before initiating a course a professional consultation is required. Therefore, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure or blood pressure surges, high cholesterol level in blood or kidney diseases, consulting your doctor is essential. The decision on continuation the course must be made after a consultation with a doctor in case you suspect you may be pregnant. The medication must not be consumed if you have found out you are pregnant.

Drug Interactions

If this is the first time you take the birth-control pills and any other pharmacological means of contraception means, it is recommended to take the first pill on the nearest Sunday after the menstrual cycle or initiate the course with the beginning of the cycle. In case the period starts on Sunday, consume the starter pill on that day. Keep in mind that hormonal birth-control pills are designed for long-term use and protection reliability during the first month is lower than during other months. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use conventional contraceptives during the first two weeks of birth control pills course.

Side Effects

Micrette is designed for oral administration, normally, once a day. Choose the most suitable time for administration and stick to the schedule throughout the entire course. Although the optimal time for intakes is not indicated in the annotation, you may take the drug in the evening after the meal in case of digestion problems or nausea. Taking the preparation at the same time is absolutely vital as it has a direct impact on the birth control risks. However, regardless of the time you’ve selected for the intakes, it is essential not to skip the dose - if you have missed the dose, you should readjust your schedule and have at least a couple of hours of difference in comparison with your previous schedule. You should consult your treating doctor if the course was for some reason heavily readjusted or several doses have been missed.

Micrette comes in blisters containing 21 tablets for a 3 weeks course; 19 pills are hormonal ones, while 2 more pills are the so-called ‘reminder’ pills, consumed during the last course week. If administered properly, the menstrual cycle typically starts during the 4th week of course. Once you’ve consumed the last hormonal pill, take another course regardless of whether the cycle has started or not. You should seek for professional consultation in the event of the absence of period.