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Where to Buy Nervz-G (Methylcobalamin & Gabapentin) Canada?

Buy Nervz-G Online


Nervz-G is prescription drug that was originally developed by researchers to be used for epilepsy. However, drug is now prescribed by doctors for a variety of pain issues. Nervz-G is most commonly prescribed to treat the various types of neuropathy such as neuropathy associated with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy (see discussion below). Nervz-G is also commonly used to treat trigeminal neuralgia (see discussion below). Drug is used to treat partial seizures in epilepsy patients who are older than twelve years old. Nervz-G is also prescribed to patients with multiple sclerosis to help control spasticity. Nervz-G is sometimes prescribed to individuals diagnosed with mood disorders and to soothe disruptive behaviors in those elderly patients suffering from dementia. Nervz-G can also help eliminate or at least reduce tremors. Nervz-G is being looked at for treatment of patients with sleep-wake rhythm disorders. Nervz-G is also sometimes used as a treatment in patients with pernicious anemia and/or severe cases of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Nervz-G contains two active ingredients: Gabapentin (Neurotin) and Methylcobalamin (a derivative of vitamin B12). Each tablet of Nervz-G generally containts 300 milligrams of Gabapentin and 500 milligrams of Methylcobalamin. If a person is able to swallow, the Nervz-G tablets are taken orally with water but can also be given to patients with feeding tubes. The recommended dosage for drug depends on the individual patients. The safe and most effective dosage of Nervz-G varies between patients so it is important to take this drug exactly as prescribed by your doctor. However, the most common dosage of Nervz-G given is one tablet a day.

While Nervz-G is prescribed for the treatment of many different issues, it is most commonly prescribed to patients suffering from neuropathy so this warrants further discussion. Neuropathy occurs when there is nerve damage. To the patient, it can feel like many tiny needles are sticking in them and/or they can feel a numbing sensation. In other words, this can be a very painful condition that has to be treated medically if a person suffering from this ailment is to have a relatively high quality of life. Neuropathy most commonly occurs in the feet but it can occur anywhere the nerves are affected, even the eyes and face. It is also fairly common in the hands. Drug helps to calm the sensations caused by the damaged nerves and makes neuropathy a more manageable condition for diabetics. While peripheral neuropathy is caused by diabetes as the underlying mechanism, it can also be caused by other issues. For example, repetitive movements can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, a common form of peripheral neuropathy and/or mononeuropathy.


Nervz-G is also used to treat mononeuropathy, which is very closely related to neuropathy but usually involves only one peripheral nerve that has been physically damaged. This damage can occur as the result of a sudden accident. It can also occur as the result of trauma from prolonged damage such as a patient sitting to long in one place, being confined to a wheel chair, or being confined to bed for too long, especially in not rotated frequently enough.

Trigeminal neuralgia patients are also very often prescribed drug . Trigeminal neuralgia, another type of nerve related illnesses, is considered one of the most painful conditions a person can have and it can be hard to treat for this reason. It involves pain emanating from the trigeminal nerve and its three major branches in the face. Trigeminal neuralgia patients have reported a significant easement in their pain symptoms after taking Nervz-G.

Most patients tolerate Nervz-G very well with no ill side effects or very mild ones if they do occur. However, side effects do occur in a minority of users who take Nervz-G. These drug side effects include drowsiness, blurred vision, dizziness, twitches of the eye or other abnormal movements in the eye, and tremors. In very rare cases, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to Nervz-G. The symptoms of an allergic reaction to Nervz-G could include skin rashes, swelling, hives, trouble swallowing, chest pains, and difficulty breathing. Please note that even if a patient has a rare allergic reaction to Nervz-G, they would probably only experience a few of the allergic symptoms, not all of them. If an allergic reaction to Nervz-G should occur, you should seek emergency care immediately and contact the doctor who prescribed meds to you. Since any drug can potentially interact with other drugs, be sure to tell your doctor every medicine you are taking before you take Nervz-G, both prescription and over the counter medications. Be sure to tell him or her also about any natural supplements you are taking since these too can interact with prescription medications, including Nervz-G. If you are pregnant or have any chance of becoming pregnant while you are taking Nervz-G, you should inform your physician of this as well as some prescription drugs can affect the unborn child and it is likely the doctor will advice to wait until after the child is born to begin the Nervz-G. For the same reason, it is important to inform your doctor if you are breastfeeding since the Nervz-G can be passed to the child through the mother's milk.


There are many benefits to buying Nervz-G online instead of a local pharmacy. The first is saving a lot of money. Buying pharmaceutical drugs, including Nervz-G, online saves consumers at least thirty percent off the price they would pay at a traditional pharmacy. Buying pharmaceuticals, including Nervz-G, online is also much more convenient. You don't have to make special trip into town or stand in line. This can be especially important for those suffering from neuropathy. Some homebound patients taking Nervz-G appreciate this convenience as well as the fact that the Nervz-G is then delivered directly to your home. You can also order your Nervz-G at any hour of the day, even at midnight, so you don't have to remember to do so during the hours that your local pharmacy is open. Ordering pharmaceuticals, including Nervz-G, online also has the advantage of much better privacy. When you go to a local pharmacy, you often have to give out your personal information in an area that can be overheard by everyone there. While Nervz-G may not be as sensitive as a drug like Viagra, the extra privacy when ordering drug is still appreciated.

Nervz-G is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India but is used all over the world. It is very often recommended by doctors in the United States, especially to diabetes patients.