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This all-natural, highly effective and newly released medication is aimed at treatment of various health disorders. Guduchi is the remedy aimed at the overall improvement of the immune system and specific treatment of certain health disorders. Due to its natural composition, the drug can drastically influence the bothering condition, keeping the general health state balanced and maintained.

Generally, the treatment is recommended for people, who have fever and related disorders. The active components of Guduchi advance the protective functions of white blood cells, which greatly contribute to the fight against infection. Additionally, the components of the drug can augment the immune response to infection. A significant impact on diverse immune effector cells trigger early recovery.

As a result, Guduchi is frequently used as a treatment of respiratory tract, soft tissues, skin infections, immune compromised disorders, infected wounds and as a part of an anti-infective therapy. Additionally, the drug is 100% vegetarian and natural. You should contact your doctor in case you want to use Guduchi off-label.


Consulting a qualified medical specialist before the beginning of the treatment course is halfway to a successful therapy. Your doctor should adjust the correct dose and term of the course, which would suit the severity of your condition and other health peculiarities. You should never change the instructions, but follow them precisely.

Generally, Guduchi is administered on a regular basis, for achievement of maximal effectiveness. 1-2 tablets twice a day is a sufficient dose for fast recovery. However, a physician can recommend another dose, different from the mentioned one. Skipping Guduchi doses is not likely to trigger devastating complications, though, it can considerably decrease the final results.


Looking for a safe treatment course with no disorders, a patient should mind all the safety restrictions before the beginning of the therapy. You need to warn a qualified healthcare provider about all the accompanying and underlying health disorders you have. Some of these conditions can interfere with Guduchi course, aggravating the overall patient’s well-being and worsening the treated issue. Patients with diabetes, abnormal blood pressure and similar illnesses should avoid Guduchi intake.

Additionally, the drug is not approved for people, who are sensitive to its ingredients. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate the medicine use for their safety, since some devastating influences can appear in unborn and nursing children.

Drug Interactions

According to the results of recent investigations, Guduchi does not seem to interact with diverse prescription and generic drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins, mineral and other pharmaceuticals. However, you need to inform your doctor about currently taken courses. Specific dose adjustment may be required for people, who combine Guduchi treatment with other medications.

Side Effects

Even though the remedy is considered to be safe, it has been reported to trigger some abnormalities. Seek emergency medical assistance in case Guduchi course has activated swelling, pain, itching, breathing disorders and other signs of allergic reactions. Contact your doctor the moment the medication launches condition aggravation and appearance of new symptoms.