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Diovan (Valsartan) Canada

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In case of high arterial pressure, patients are recommended to use medical drug Diovan. This medical remedy is prescribed for continuous use and has powerful pharmacologic effect. After 2-4 weeks of regular tablet’s use you will feel how your arterial pressure is going to be normalized and you are not going to have sharp differential pressure and the risk of hypertonic crisis appearance is going to be reduced almost on 90 %. Active substance of drug is Valsartan. Valsartan has a wide specter of physiological action, and first of all on substances and systems having direct as well as mediated part in regulation of arterial pressure.

Diovan has manifested vessel-narrowing action and contributes to delay of sodium.

During tests of drug, some sick people of old age had a little bit more manifested systemic influence of the drug than patients of young age, however, there was no emphasis on some kind of clinical significance and age doesn’t influence on correction of Diovan dose.


Before use of Diovan tablets, it is needed to pass the course of medical survey with doing of laboratory tests. On data base which were received after survey, the dose and duration of treatment is prescribing.

• Recommended dose of Diovan is 80 mg a day

• It is needed to use tablets every day. In case of systematic use breaking, tablets pharmacological effects decreases.

• Anti-hypertonic effect is supervised in 2 first week of treatment.

• Maximal pharmacologic effect is beginning after 4 weeks.

• In case of absence of drug’s use effect, dose can be increased on double one, till 160 mg.

• This drug can be prescribed together with others drugs with anti-hypertensive action.

It less effective to use this drug for emergency lowering of arterial pressure, because there are more effective remedies of quick response.


• Diovan is contradicted in case of hypersensitivity to components of drug, particularly to Valsartan.

• During pregnancy, the use of drug is possible only under doctor’s supervision, of course, if the benefit of tablet’s use is very important.

• In case of kidney\liver dysfunction, correction of dose is not required.

• Side effects don’t appear in case of correct and controlled treatment.

• Overdose can become a reason of side effects appearance.