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Being a natural antioxidant, the drug promotes potential health influence, with is relatively safe. Since oxidative stress can trigger other health impairments, such as dermatosis, diabetes and coronary artery disease, Oxitard helps not only overcome the current disorder, but prevent the appearance of further complications.

Besides, the treatment features gastroprotective properties, which prevent mucosal damage. The drug can also strengthen the immune system and advance the overall body ability to fight infection. Oxitard can also be administered in a range of other instances, not specified in the safety guide. Nevertheless, such a course requires higher cautiousness and through doctor supervision. Start Oxitard intake with discussion with your healthcare provider and make sure the drug is fully safe for your health.


Oxitard course should be started with doctor’s consultation. Do not administer the remedy, unless your doctor has approved it for your individual case. The medication should be taken strictly in accordance with the prescription and related safety directions. Changing the adjusted dose, term of the drug intake and other specifications, you increase the chances of side effects appearance.

Oxitard dose will be individually prescribed based on the overall health state of a patient, severity of the bothersome condition and other personal specifications. However, regular medicine use is the key to fast recovery.


Patients, who are allergic to the ingredients of the drug, are not approved for its use. Additionally, the medication is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to an advanced risk of negative influence on the health of an unborn and nursing child.

Special dose adjustment may be required for people, who are diagnosed with severe accompanying health disorders. So, make sure your healthcare provider is aware of all the illnesses and health disorders you have before the beginning of Oxitard course. Report any abnormalities to your doctor.

Drug Interactions

According to the safety instructions, the drug seems to be fully effective and safe. It is not approved to interact with any other treatments. However, there have been several reports of negative Oxitard health influence as a result of drug combination with other pharmaceuticals.

Some of them can simply advance the positive Oxitard effect, leading to medicine overdose, while others work decreasing positive medicine influence on the health. Anyway, your doctor should be aware of all the prescription and generic drugs, minerals, herbal supplements, vitamins and other pharmaceutical products you are taking.

Side Effects

Due to natural composition, the medication is likely to be safe and trigger no complications. However, safe therapy is possible only in case a patient follows all the safety instructions and related doctor’s directions. Otherwise, he/she increases the risk of certain complications appearance.

Generally, disorders and abnormalities stimulated by Oxitard use are minor to moderate. However, some severe complications can sometimes bother a patient. Seek immediate medical assistance the moment you have noticed any signs of allergic reactions, especially shortness of breathing, hives, swelling, itching and others. Contact your doctor to tell about headache, anxiety, depression, dizziness, confusion and similar problems.