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Where to Buy Lithium (Eskalith) Canada?

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Lithium is the generic drug name that is sold in brand names like Eskalith. This drug is used in the treatment of hyperactivity, anger, rushed speech, insomnia, and aggression. Such manic episodes can be controlled by controlling the level of sodium which is done by lithium. This drug is available in 300 mg capsules and 450 mg controlled release tablets.


Immediate release tablets are given thrice a day or four times a day while the controlled release tablets are given twice a day at approximately 12 hours interval. In acute mania conditions 1800 mg per day is divided in to appropriate doses. For long term doses in the range of 900 mg to 1200 mg per day is used in divided doses. Blood samples might be analyzed for accurate dosage needs. A person suffering from acute mania, when taking lithium, should get their serum tested two times a week. The level of lithium in serum has to be monitored properly. However a person in long term control can have the serum tested for lithium levels every two months.


If you are pregnant, meds should not be used without the permission from your doctor as it might have an affect on your baby. It is better to avoid planning to become pregnant if you are on lithium. Meds might lead to toxicity conditions like diarrhea, drowsiness, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, ringing in ears, vomiting and so on. If you are using an extended release tablet make sure you are swallowing it as a whole and not chewing it. It is necessary that you drink lot of fluids to keep you from dehydrated. Lithium might affect the way you think. Do not drive when you are on meds. Avoid lithium if you are allergic to it. Do inform your doctor before taking lithium if you are suffering from any heart disease, kidney problems, thyroid problems, and hyponatremia. Dose adjustments might be required if you are suffering from these conditions. Lithium should not be used with diuretics. If needed the lithium levels in the serum has to be tested and the dosage of lithium adjusted according to the requirement.