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Didronel is a bisphosphonate medication that works altering the bone breakdown and formation in the human body. Besides, its intake can slow down bone loss and prevent bone fractures. This drug is also prescribed to treat Paget's disease of bones.


Take Didronel with enough plain water and don't drink or eat anything 2 hours before its use. In most cases, patients take this medicine only once a day. If you need to undergo this treatment for total hip replacement, start it about 1 month before a surgery. Doctors must check your progress while taking Didronel, and it should be only a part of the treatment plan that also includes healthy diet changes and taking special vitamin supplements. Pay close attention to your dental hygiene when undergoing this treatment. This medication is taken for about 3-6 months, and you're allowed to start it again for 90 days. Your regular dose should be based on your individual tolerance and other basic factors.

Precautions and Contraindications

It's not allowed to start this treatment if you have osteomalacia or bone softening and allergic reactions. To ensure that the intake of Didronel is 100% safe for you, inform doctors if you have such medical conditions as low calcium levels in the blood, kidney problems, dental complications, and recent bone fracture.

In very rare cases, this drug may lead to osteonecrosis in the jaw. This condition is characterized by such symptoms as swollen and red gums, jaw numbness and pain, loose teeth, etc. The longer you take Didronel, the higher your risk to develop it. However, other risk factors include anemia, blood clotting disorders, and pre-existing dental issues.

It's not clearly known whether its use can cause any harm to unborn babies or pass into breast milk, so nursing and pregnant women should be very careful when using Didronel. Avoid eating any dairy products or drink milk within 2 hours after its intake. Consult your physician to find out more about the pros and cons of starting this treatment based on your health condition.

Drug Interactions

Avoid taking antacids and any supplements that contain iron, calcium, aluminum, and magnesium when taking this medication. There are some drugs that can make it harder for the body to absorb Didronel. Avoid any possible drug interactions because they often lead to increased side effects and other health problems.

It's not allowed to combine Didronel with such blood thinners as Coumadin and Warfarin. Inform doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you're using, including vitamin and minerals, prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This medicine also affects the results of specific lab tests, including bone imaging tests, so tell medical specialists about its intake.

Side Effects

Just like other drugs, Didronel may cause certain side effects, but most of them are rare and mild. You need to get emergency medical help right after noticing any signs of allergic reactions, including difficulty breathing, hives, swelling, and others. Stop this treatment and call your doctors if you experience such serious symptoms as jaw numbness, pain, and swelling, severe pain in muscle, bones, and joints, severe diarrhea, low calcium levels, muscle contractions and spasms, tingly feeling and numbness in toes and fingers. Other side effects caused by the intake of Didronel are mild, and they include joint pain, upset stomach, headaches, leg cramps, and others. If any of them persist or get worse, go to the hospital to alter your treatment and stop them.