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Duphalac (Lactulose) Canada

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Duphalac is an effective medication that helps decrease the symptoms of constipation. The active ingredient of the drug, Lactulose, is classified as a sugar type. The component breaks down into mild acids in large intestines, causing the water drawing into the colon. As a result, the drug helps soften stools and eliminate the signs of chronic constipation.

Apart from this potent action, Duphalac also features a positive influence on certain brain conditions related to liver failure. The drug fights the symptoms, including memory loss, confusion, slow reaction, tremors, sleep disorders, coordination loss and others. Your healthcare provider may prescribe Duphalac in other cases, not listed in the safety guide.


Use Duphalac strictly in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and directions mentioned in the safety guide. Never change the adjustment; otherwise, you may experience dangerous reactions from the drug misuse. The drug may be administered with or without food, but with much water. The medication may start working only after 48 hours within its intake. Occasional blood tests may be required in case a patient takes Duphalac for a long period of time.

The medication dose will vary greatly, depending on the condition type, its severity, overall health condition of the patient and other issues. However, an average Duphalac dose that is usually effective ranges from 15 to 30 ml once a day.

Precautions and Contraindications

Safety is the key of any treatment course. Due to the effective impact it produces on the organism, it should be used with ultimate caution and attention. Consult your doctor primarily to the medication intake to make sure you do not meet any contraindications and other requirements. Patients, who are sensitive to Lactulose, should avoid Duphalac therapy. Besides, people undergoing a special low-Lactulose diet should restrict the drug use. The components of the treatment may pass into the breast milk causing devastating complications to the health of a nursing child. So, Duphalac is contraindicated for breastfeeding women, as well as for pregnant ones. Tell the doctor about all the health disorders and complications you have, especially diabetes. Some of them may require special dose adjustment and other specifications.

Drug Interactions

Taking Duphalac with other medications may activate undesirable reactions and harmful side effects. Consult your healthcare provider before the beginning of the therapy, warning him/her about all the other prescription and over-the-counter remedies, herbal products, vitamins and supplements you are administering. Some treatments may lead to the condition aggravation, while others launch the side effects occurrence and similar abnormalities. Duphalac may interact with laxatives, antibiotics, antacids and other drugs. However, it is not a full list of possible interactions, so you should inform the doctor about all the therapies you are currently having.

Side Effects

Following the safety recommendations and instructions is an inevitable part of Duphalac treatment course. Any drug misuse or overuse can lead to significant disorders and health complications. Numerous side effects may appear after Duphalac administration. Call your healthcare provider if any abnormalities started bothering you, especially diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, stomach pain and discomfort and others. Stop the medication use if you have experienced severe diarrhea right after its intake. Seek emergency medical help if hives, swelling, breathing disorders or other complications occurred.