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Cipcal is a brand medication available as specially laminated tablets (15 pills per strip). This drug is a combination of some essential vitamins and minerals, and it’s taken by many patients to treat bone weakness. Before using Cipcal, find out more about its common uses, precautions, and side effects.


The most common dosage of Cipcal is 1 tablet a day taken orally with enough water. It’s possible to take this medicine in control, prevention, and treatment of such health conditions and troubling symptoms as low calcium levels, poor parathyroid functioning, bone weakening, high phosphate levels, heartburn, duodenal, and stomach ulcers, vitamin D deficiency, acidity and chronic renal failure, post-menstrual osteoarthritis and renal osteodystrophy.

In essence, Cipcal is a very effective medication for all the above-mentioned health complications. You need to take it in the right frequency, dosage, and for the right period of time. Talk to your physician for proper diagnosis of your medical problem and determine the right schedule for taking Cipcal.


You need to take specific precautions before you start this treatment. For example, it’s not allowed to take Cipcal if you have intestinal or peptic ulcers. Patients with repeated blood transfusion should avoid its intake, too. If you have kidney stones or other kidney problems, this medication is not the best choice for you. Make sure that you don’t have high calcium or phosphate levels in the blood before starting this treatment and don’t take Cipcal within 2 hours after taking other meds. This medicine should also be avoided by patients who have any cardiac problems, dehydration and harden arteries. Keep it away from children and pets and don’t take it in higher doses or for longer than needed.

Cipcal is a medication that is often prescribed by doctors to pregnant women if they have any calcium deficiency because this treatment can help them improve bone strength of the fetus and bone building process. This drug is safe while breastfeeding, but you should consult with healthcare provider before using it. Cipcal is not intended to be used by kids unless it’s prescribed by qualified medical specialists.

Drug Interactions

Cipcal shouldn’t be taken with specific medications because this combination may lead to drug interactions. They should be avoided because they affect its proper absorption and functioning while increasing a risk of having side effects. For example, don’t take Cipcal along with such meds as barbiturates and glucocorticoids, Actinomycin and Digoxin, paraffin oil and Phenytoin, Doxycycline and some others.

Inform doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re using, including herbal supplements, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, minerals and vitamins

Side Effects

Just like other drugs, the intake of Cipcal may result in a number of unwanted side effects. The good news is that most of them are mild, and severe side effects are very rare. Some of the most common symptoms caused by this medicine include excessive thirst and bloating, confusion and drowsiness, allergic reactions, constipation and loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, muscular weakness and dry mouth, high or low blood pressure, skin irritation and stomach pain, abdominal pain and cramps, difficulty urinating and chest pain, sleeping issues and diarrhea, increased liver enzymes.