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Dipyridamole is a medical product for the treatment and prevention of the cardiovascular diseases. It provides an intense vasodilating action and slows down an aggregation of platelets. Dipyridamole has a broad action. When the active ingredients reach the blood plasma, an intense dilation of the blood vessels occurs and the speed of the blood flow is increased. Due to the improved blood circulation in small and big blood vessels, the level of oxygen is increased in the venous blood, and myocardium gets more oxygen.

Due to the aggregation of platelets and dilation of the coronary arteries, Dipyridamole is often used for the prevention of heart attacks and ischemic strokes. It reduces the frequency of appearance of thrombosis of the deep veins during post-operation period. Dipyridamole can change pathological processes in the cardiovascular system. It also improves microcirculation in retina, lungs, malpighian tuft, lowers tone of the smooth muscle fibers in the walls of the blood vessels of the brain, slows down a progression of atherosclerosis. In the obstetrical practice, the use of Dipyridamole helps to remove hypoxia in the tissues of fetus and improve a saturation of the tissues with glycogen for the complete development of fetus.


- Prevention of arterial and venous blood clots, including after serious surgery on the heart

- prevention of myocardial hypertrophy

- Disorders of the cerebral circulation

- Disorders of the microcirculation of any origin

- Treatment of coronary heart disease

- Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension


- A peroral form causes less side effects and patients feel better than using injections with Dipyridamole. It should be taken into account during the prescription of a medical course

- Dipyridamole is contraindicated during acute myocardial infarction, unstable angina, aortic stenosis, severe hypotension, severe arrhythmia, and renal failure.

- A decision about the prescription of this drug during pregnancy should be taken by a qualified doctor. If a pregnant woman has side effects after the use of a therapeutic dose of Dipyridamole, the treatment should be stopped

- Children under 12 years old are contraindicated to take this medicine

- Avoid natural coffee and tea during the treatment because they lower therapeutic characteristics of the drug

- A risk of the side effects is increased during the simultaneous use with indirect anticoagulants and thrombolytic

Usage and doses

Dipyridamole is produced in pills for the peroral use and solution for injections. A choice of the medical form depends on the indications for the use of this drug and a medical image of a patient. The daily therapeutic dose depends on the severity of pathology and patient’s age. A minimal daily dose of Dipyridamole is 75 mg. The pills should be used one hour before meals with enough water.

In case of the insufficient therapeutic effect, a dose can be gradually increased and Dipyridamole 75 mg will be used 3-4 times per day. The maximal daily dose is 450 mg and divided into 6 times (1 pill of Dipyridamole 75 mg every 4 hours).

Side Effects

The use of Dipyridamole in therapeutic doses can be accompanied by light side effects: headache, palpitations, facial flushing, and indigestion. In order to reduce dyspepsia, it is recommended to take pills with milk. In case of the fast intravenous injection, a blood pressure may drop, and this will lead to faint or other peculiar symptoms of hypotension.