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Lozol (Indapamide) Canada

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Lozol is an antihypertensive drug providing a diuretic effect. The drug increases a discharge of ions of sodium, chorine, calcium and magnesium with urine that provide an effect on the functioning of kidneys and retention of the liquid in the body. It reduces a sensitivity of the vascular wall to noradrenaline. The therapeutic doses almost do not influence on the lipidic and carbohydrate metabolism. A hypotensive effect occurs only by the increased arterial pressure. A considerable pharmacological effect appears by the end of the first week and reaches maximum in 3 months of the systematic use.

Lozol is prescribed for the treatment of the chronic arterial hypertension as well as retention of sodium and water by the chronic heart failure. According to its pharmacological properties it exceeds most of the advanced diuretics of the middle action and quickly restores an ability of the patient to have normal vital functions.


The way of usage and dosage of Lozol are prescribed each patient individually. A prior examination of the patient helps to reveal the needed tasks for the treatment and ways of the most effective usage of this drug. It is necessary to remember that only a systematic use of this drug for a long period of time may guarantee a stable lowering of the arterial pressure and maintain the achieved effect within a couple of months.

- the tablets are taken orally 2.5 mg one per day

- if the hypotensive effect is not vividly expressed in 2 weeks of the treatment, the dose is increased up to 5-7.5 mg per day

- the maximal daily dose is 10 mg a day in 2 uses (in the morning hours)

- it is better to take the drug in the morning regardless of eating


- in case of a wide range of the chronic diseases the use of Lozol can adversely affect the work of the body and cause the side effects. That is why it is necessary to refuse from the use of this medication in case of the hypersensitivity to the components included into the drug, disorder of the cerebral circulation, severe renal/hepatic failures, and hypoglycemia

- if you have diabetes, hyponatremia, disorders of water-electrolytic balance, hyperparathyroidism, ascites, CHD dosage needs a considerable adjustment

- during pregnancy the use of the drug is possible if the expected benefit for mother exceeds a potential harm for fetus